Gwen Cooper

by cjjade [Reviews - 1]

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Author's Notes:
I give the hint that Gwen didn’t have a good home life as a child, there is a reason. This is the last part of this collection.

Pairing: Owen/Gwen
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or its characters.
Rate: PG-13
Season: 1
Category: Character Reflections; Romance
Spoilers: Up to They Keep Killing Suzie
Series: Catchphrase

Love is lost when belief is betrayed

Gwen heard Owen mumbled some curse word after she heard a phone ring. She had expected it to be Jack calling them in but to her surprise Owen turned over. He handed her the phone slipped out of bed quickly walked out of the room. It was Tosh; they made their plans for shopping today. Gwen smiled as Tosh invited Owen if he wanted to go. Hanging up the phone she pulled on Owen’s shirt from the day before.

She could hear the shower which meant that he would be in there for the next twenty or so minutes. Owen had a ritual of sorts, he always got out of bed, showered, got dressed, drank a total of two cups of coffee while eating his breakfast. If he were in a hurry he showered dressed and they would pick up breakfast on the way to the hub.

Gwen smiled as she inhaled the strong scent of his coffee. Pouring her self a cup she smiled but only for a second when she realized her phone was ringing again. Picking the phone up, she saw that it was Rhys. She got a text from him seconds later–where are you? She had forgotten to call him she knew that she would need to come up with some lie. Sinking into the chair she let out the breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Things were just getting so complicated these days.

Rhys was a good man who loved her. He could give her a good life they would have the perfect life. She knew marriage was on the way, than they’d have a baby maybe two. Yet these days with Rhys felt less then perfect, they felt forced. She knew that he was starting to feel it as well. He’d seat there starring at her trying to find something to say but couldn’t. If they did talk he’d get mad because she would mention Torchwood. The picture of the team hadn’t helped either. He saw them as the ones who took her away when he saw Jack’s face she saw the slight hatred of him. It was no longer a promotion it was no longer the best move of her life; to Rhys Torchwood was hell on earth.

Of course this was brought on by Gwen’s distant behavior. The weeks after the gunshot wound he knew something was wrong with her. All she had to do was tell him, just open her mouth and let him in. It wasn’t Torchwood business this time, pretty much the whole world knew about this village. Jack even gave her the okay to speak to him, but she couldn’t talk to him. She’d look into his eyes and she knew he’d never get it. He would not see it as she would see it. So instead she went to the one person who would understand–Owen.

Owen was a jerk he was self centered and cocky. Yet when she was with him she found the one person who understood her better than anyone else. He knew about her parents, her brothers, and the dysfunction life she had growing up. When he found out she did not see pity in his eyes, he did not say he was sorry, or how horrible it must have been. He just sat there looking at her, his eyes full of understanding. He spent the rest of the night making her forget. In the quiet of that night when he held her, she cried for the first time in years, and he said nothing he just held her.

Getting up she went into his bedroom with her mug of coffee to collect her clothing. She grabbed her bag she now kept with her that contained clean clothes. Owen would be finished soon he’d then go to the kitchen giving her a chance to take her shower. Looking at her watch she sighed, it was barely eight in the morning.

She let out a small shriek of surprise as Owen wrapped his arms around her pulling her against him. When she opened her mouth to say something he had her turned around capturing her lips. His skin was damp from his shower, his hair wet under her fingers tips, and he tasted of mint. Gwen smiled against his lips as he pushed her towards his bed, it was clear she would not be taking her shower anytime soon. And she could not say she was disappointed, and besides she didn’t have to meet Tosh until noon.

The End