Ianto Jones

by cjjade [Reviews - 2]

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Author's Notes:
I’ve never done anything like this. But a good friend of mine said I should try, so they gave me a quote and told me to start writing.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or its characters.
Rate: PG
Season: 1
Category: Character Reflections; Romance
Spoilers: Up to They Keep Killing Suzie
Series: Catchphrase

"There is nothing so stable as change."
-Bob Dylan (1941-) American Singer, Songwriter

Ianto slipped out of the bed after Jack fell into a dreamless slumber for the next few hours. Ianto had learned that was how it worked. Jack would sleep for two maybe three hours then wake up screaming or gasping for air in a cold sweat. If he stayed in the bed with him he’d sleep longer but as much as Ianto wanted to he couldn’t. For some reason he just could not get his body to settle down enough for sleep.

Slipping on his boxer he ran his hands through his short hair as he decided to get some work done. It was hard for him to finish anything when he was alone with Jack. He always had this way of distracting him from his goal. Sometimes Jack would make a game of it, because he knew how much it annoyed him. Ianto didn’t remember Lisa being that way. She always stayed out of his way when he worked allowing him to finish his task. Jack and Lisa were so different sometimes he wondered how he could love two totally different people.

Lisa loved that he was organized, she liked that he always wore a suit, that his outfits were always neat and unwrinkled. Lisa would never move things or mess up a table for no reason. She would not purposely undo his clothing or hide his jacket just because she wanted him in something more causal. Jack did do that plus a few other things that annoyed him. But as much as Ianto hated to admit it that was one of the reasons he was so attracted to Jack. Jack was the complete opposite of everything he wanted.

Taking in a deep breath he thought about the changes that had taken place in his life over the last year. The first thing that came to mind was Lisa. He had thought she was the love of his life; he could not live without her in it. He had even betrayed his fellow team members to keep her alive. He had not only endangered his life and their lives but also the whole human race. Looking up he felt the pain hit him once again, he had been so stupid. Shaking his head he pushed all thoughts of Lisa away. He had mourned for her, he had tried to keep her alive, and with a little help he had finally let her go.

Jack was a godsend he knew Jack would not agree, but he was. He had come to him in one of his darkest hours after Lisa was killed. Jack had saved him from being swallowed up by the darkness, by the grief and uncertainly of his future. Jack had brought something new into his life. He had brought a light that had long ago been blown out. Jack was reminding him how to live again. He was showing him how to take each day as they came and to live again. Ianto felt the smile before it spread across his face. Jack was so much to Ianto, but he was not his whole world like Lisa had been. If there was anything he leaned from Lisa it was not to center your whole existence around one person.

Looking back down at the document, he felt his smile fade at the name--Suzie Costello. He stopped just looking at the name in front of him. She had been their friend and when Jack couldn’t be had been their leader. She had stood besides them in the toughest of time, laughed with them when Jack or Owen did something stupid. She had lied to them had betrayed them and had committed multiple murders. She had tricked them and nearly killed Gwen for a second time. He felt anger when he saw her name, yet he could not forget the past. Ianto finished the paperwork he needed to, getting up and filing the report.

Rubbing his eyes he felt his body starting to wind down from the day. Only a few short hours ago, Gwen had almost died. Owen and guided her inside as he check her head. Tosh did as Owen asked, getting him what he needed to clean the head wound. Ianto had begun to deal with Suzie’s body after he got Gwen her favorite cup of coffee. Jack had gone to his office until Owen was done. He had a few words with Gwen alone, than she went to her desk where Tosh was waiting for her. Jack then made his way to join him before sending everyone home.

Ianto watched intrigued as Tosh whispered something to Gwen that made her giggled then blush. Ever since Mary, they had been close. Ianto knew it wasn’t that close, but whatever she heard in Gwen’s head had created a bond between the two women. Owen was right behind them, when they realized this they started walking more quickly. Owen smiled his sly smile then chased after them. He and Jack refused their invitation for dinner, both having other ideas in mind. But they watched as they drove off.

Ianto made his way back to the bed with a small grin as he watched Jack sleep. He looked so different when he was asleep, so calm and at ease. The years of his life seemed to melt away he was looked so young and innocent. But Captain Jack Harkness was anything but innocent Ianto learned that right away. Slipping back in the bed he cuddled up to him. Laughing slightly as Jack mumbled something as he wrapped his arms around him protectively. So much had changed in Ianto’s life, and he knew it would continue to change. And Ianto wouldn’t want it any other way; because Jack had taught him change was good.

The End