Your Brilliant Mind

by laurab1 [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
  • Het
  • Character, Study, Drabble, Drama, Het

Author's Notes:
It is said – but Allah knows all – that there was once a powerful King, who had a beautiful Queen, whom he loved and trusted. (The Tale of Queen Shahrazad/Scheherazade)

Suzie Costello's a amazing engineering scientist, and she's now Jack’s second in command.

She was twenty five when he hired her. The weapons lesson he gave Suzie at the end of her first week lasted just ten minutes. It resulted in them having some very pleasurable sex.

Torchwood Three has an alien glove, dredged out of the Cardiff Bay in the 1960s. For reasons they have yet to determine, it’s most effective when Suzie wears it.

The glove resurrects.

Jack knows playing God always ends badly, but he also knows Suzie’s brilliant.

Is that gonna be enough?