by Mustang_bex1126 [Reviews - 2]

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  • Angst, Slash

I’ve always had a talent for maths. Physics was of particular interest to me. Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and Hawkings; I’ve read them all, the greats. I love gravity; the attraction between bodies. All things in the Universe pushing and pulling on their surroundings with proportional force. Those beautiful laws and rules built on orderly higher maths, directing the stars. 9.81 m/s: the gravitational acceleration in a vacuum.

There is no question- people are drawn to Jack. His charisma, his knowing smile, and the flattering attention of which he seems to be a bottomless well: it's impossible to withdraw. Jack holds an attraction for everyone, and everyone holds an attraction for Jack. Every one of us- Owen, Tosh, Gwen, myself- we were all floating, lost upon a sea of our own self doubt; hiding and denying our talents and desires behind fa├žades we ourselves created. Jack pulled us in, stripping away the false and the frail. Bright, beautiful Jack- he nurtured and nourished the good and great within us, forcing us to stand tall in his light.

But while the others hover just close enough to feel it, I find myself engulfed by his force and nature. Everyday, enticed ever closer by tempting words, and seducing touches. The closer I get, the more intense his power, the more tantalizing the possibilities become. Smoldering passion, danger, excitement- to be so close to Jack, so overwhelmed by him.

And in a blink- he’s gone. Everything collapses, but gravity remains. I’m the first one flung into the darkness.