1. Takeaway Girl [Reviews - 0] (5233 words)
This is my very first attempted at writing fanfiction. Many thanks to the more than lovely silver_x_cross and talkingtoatwig from Livejournal for the beta. Any failures in narrative are mine, not theirs.

2. Dire Consequences [Reviews - 0] (4252 words)
Once again- many thanks to my fantastic betas talkingtoatwig and silver_x_cross.

3. A Very Bad Idea [Reviews - 1] (7091 words)
After the medical scene this story continues to get more violent and generally graphic- just so you know. Thanks again Talkingtoatwig and silver_x_cross.

4. Confrontation [Reviews - 0] (6933 words)
What it says on the tin: Reggie confronts Owen, Owen confronts Jack, Jack and the team finally confront of their prisoner 'problem'. Promptly things go from bad to worse.

Thank you talkingtoatwig for taking me this far!

5. Death by Torchwood [Reviews - 2] (1921 words)