Moving On

by RosesBud [Reviews - 7]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
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Author's Notes:
This is only PG due to one very very mild swear word - well, this is Donna...

Was just thinking about whether Martha would actually rejoin the TARDIS full time next series and what it would be like if she didn't. Am also curious as to how the Doctor and Donna are going to get on full time... this was the result.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who is property of the BBC, I’m just having fun.

Moving On

Donna Noble was having a well-deserved rest when the Doctor returned to the TARDIS. Three days spent in Cardiff (of all places) battling unspeakable aliens and finally meeting this Jack and Martha that he was always going on about had done her in. Right now she wanted nothing more than to enjoy her Take a Break (she wasn’t particularly good at the puzzles, but was currently engrossed in an article about a woman who had had her brother-in-law’s baby) and finish her cup of tea.

Her perfect moment was interrupted, however, by the clearly agitated and noticeably unaccompanied Time Lord, who slammed through the TARDIS doors.

“She has a boyfriend.” The Doctor looked confused.


“She has a boyfriend.” He gave her a ‘don’t you understand the importance of this’ look.

“And I say again… And?”

The Doctor shook himself and walked to the console, beginning to fuss with the controls.

“Right, where to Donna Noble, faithful companion?”

“As if!” Donna exclaimed. Then she came to stand beside him, her pale features drawn in to a look of unusual concern. “She’s not coming with then?”

“Nope,” the Doctor popped, spinning a wheel and shifting a lever, both of which Donna believed (in her infinite wisdom) to be of utterly no practical use, and therefore entirely for show.

She put a gentle hand on his arm a moment. “You’d want her to be happy though?”

The Doctor looked at her aghast, and shook off her hand. “Of course I want her to be happy!” he exclaimed. “What kind of an idiot do you take me for?”

“Don’t make me answer that Martian Boy,” Donna warned him. “She travelled with you, did everything you told me about, she’s clearly some kind of woman…”


“But you’d rather she wasted her life moping about on this old crate, mooning after you?”

“This old crate?

“Whatever. My point was, as well you know, she’s happy. From what you’ve told me, that’s sometimes not the way for these youngsters that travel with you.”

“You make me sound like something awful. The Pied Piper.”

Donna’s eyes were soft. “You’re a spinner of dreams,” she told him, and smiled. “And that’s wonderful. You just got to accept that sometimes, people live that dream for a little while, and then move on. Back to reality. What does he do, this boyfriend of hers?”

The Doctor smiled proudly. “He’s a doctor.”

“You don’t say!” Donna laughed.

“Not just that either, he’s someone she met in the year that she travelled the world for me. He was a freedom fighter — course, he wasn’t… but he would have been, had that year actually happened for anyone other than us..”

“Stop! Don’t start on that again it boggles my mind!”

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “You do know you are the most unlikely person to crew a time and space ship, ever, in the history of the universe, don’t you?” he told her. “There was this fellow who once worked for the Time Agency who was scared of space travel, got sick every time he made a vortex jump and had no people skills whatsoever - not to mention not even the equivalent of a GCSE in history - and you are even more unlikely than he was.”

“Bollocks, you just made that up. There was no such person.”

“Okay, I made it up — but if there had been such a person, you’d still be the most unlikely.”

“Well I’m pleased for her.”

The Doctor blinked at her rapid change of subject. “Weeeelll,” he said eventually. “So am I.” He sighed, but then smiled warmly, gazing at a point in the middle distance. Donna knew he was remembering travelling with Martha — and maybe many others. “I really am you know,” he added, fixing her with a serious stare.

“I know you are Captain Kirk, now let’s get out of here shall we? She has her life to live, we have ours… and right now I could do with some lunch and a trip to Asda. I’m out of Pantene.”

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “You do remember me explaining how the TARDIS can provide anything you need?”

“Yes well last time I asked for smooth and sleek, I got full of volume. I think she was taking the mick.”

The Doctor suppressed a smirk. “Asda it is then Donna, but then I’m taking you to mediaeval Britain — see you complain about shampoo then.”

“Don’t you dare,” she told him. “Last time we ended up somewhere like that they thought I was a Celt and tried to do away with me,” she shuddered. “Sometimes I don’t know why I bother.”

The Doctor grinned. “Ah, come on. You love it.”

Donna laughed in a mock affronted manner, but then smiled the sweetest smile the Doctor thought he’d ever seen from her. “Yeah,” she said. “Yeah, I do. And besides,” she nudged his shoulder with her own before jumping in to the Captain’s chair in a surprisingly nimble manner, “you still need someone to stop you.”

“I do not.”

“You do.”


“Just sometimes.”


“Do. Don’t care what you say.”


“I can’t hear you, la la la!”

“Take your fingers out of your ears you insufferable woman!”


“I said, take your-“

“Ha ha!”

“Oh for Rassilon’s sake! Please remind me why I invited you along again?”

“Still can’t hear you.”