Six Months in Croydon

by orianna2000 [Reviews - 73]

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  • Teen
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  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Het, Mystery, Romance

1. Of Candlelight and Fleas [Reviews - 7] (3534 words)
When the TARDIS crashes in a 19th century village, the Doctor must think quickly to explain why he's travelling with an unmarried lady....

2. Of Hatpins and Pounds [Reviews - 5] (3251 words)
As they begin to discover strange things about this village, Rose goes undercover as a true Lady. But can she convince the Doctor to escort her to the local dance?

3. Of Bedtime Stories and Balls [Reviews - 5] (2482 words)
Rose and the Doctor learn of a strange, sacred Book that ought not to exist. And that night, Rose dances with a gentleman named Christopher....

4. Of Misunderstandings and Missing Doctors [Reviews - 4] (2172 words)
While waltzing with Rose, the Doctor reveals some of the answers he's learned... and the next morning, vanishes.

5. Of Being Alone [Reviews - 8] (2686 words)
As Rose waits for the Doctor to return, Christopher asks to court her....

6. Of Not Being Alone [Reviews - 8] (1987 words)
Rose solves part of the mystery, still waiting for the Doctor to return. And on the 164th day, Christopher asks to marry her....

7. Of Accusations and Broken Hearts [Reviews - 10] (3176 words)
When the Doctor returns bearing an important discovery, Rose must choose between the man who left her behind and the one who has been there for her, Christopher.

8. Of Running For One's Life [Reviews - 7] (4422 words)
Charges of impersonation and murder fly. Faced with execution, Rose must put the final pieces of the puzzle together. And then: run.

9. Of Fire and Ice [Reviews - 19] (3778 words)
Rose and the Doctor must redefine their relationship. But can Rose put herself at risk of another broken heart? And more importantly, can a stubborn Time Lord admit that he needs a human?