Author's Notes:
hope you enjoy the script may vary when it comes to the short movie its self

DOCTOR WHO: Regenaration Games

{the doctor recives an email from mickey smith}

Mickey smith: Hi Doctor Mickey smith here i went through the void worked in the alternate torchwood the cybermen crossing the void was there doing no time to go into detail but basicly the cybermen turned up on the scene soon followed by the daleks you took them into the brech and the void was then closed me rose and everyone else from this universe came back rose misses you well the other version of you that is any way i need to go now it's up to you if you replie but as long as you know we did it.
Doctor: Ah yes very good where to now eh?

{the doctor falls to the ground}

Doctor:aghhhh what the hell ...this must be a side effect of my new regnarations

{a slight pause}

Doctor: regenaration?...galaifria? ..... the master? .... doctor?..... timelord? .... cybermen?....

{he looks down an his clothes}

Doctor: and why the old man suit eh?.. well could be cause i am an old man but just how old am i?


{the doctor looks into a full body mirror}

Doctor: now thats not me... is it?

{yet another pause}

Doctor: YESSS! that is me The Doctor I am a Timelord and i come from Gallifrey this is my new body i got killed by the cybermen who then travel through the void .. strange should of been sealed years ago but mickey smith went and sorted that.. i hope ..regenaration never thought i could do that little trick but i don't agghh think i've mastered it yet alot of pain .. owch

{the doctor runs down the corridor towards teh control room only to realise hes for got something}
{the doctor trys on many things such as a long scarf and a hat a leather jacket a cricket jumper and then decides on a blue millatary top and jeans then}


DOCTOR: where to now eh... erm.. liverpool? .. year 2007? ... yeah that sounds good

{with the flick of a few switches and the pull of a lever of the TARDIS flies into the vortex}

the Doctor will Return soon in Timeslips