Rose Marion Tyler was in heaven, well not literally, but to her it was. She was lying next to the man of her dreams in their, THEIR, huge double bed. It was strange how, since his proposal everything had changed in the last few days. He had a room, which they were now sharing, but they had done before, it was strange. His toothbrush next to hers, him snoring loudly next to her, just things like this made her feel strange, but they were family now. And family they would be. She smiled to herself.

“Morning’ angle,” the Doctor grinned sleepily.

“Mornin’,” Rose smiled back, kissing him on the cheek. She walked into the bathroom. The Doctor stretched and lay back down.

“Y’know, I’m kinda getting used to this hole domesticity thing…”

“Really?” Rose laughed. He heard a toilet flush and watched her come out of the small on-suit, perching on the edge of the bed. “Come on, we need to go and see mum.”

“What for?” the Doctor moaned.

“Tell her ‘bout the wedding, that we haven’t organised yet.”

The Doctor laughed. “Well, she’s not choosing my outfit.”

“I dunno, you’d look good in pink… we need to get the invites ready.”

“I’ve not got anyone to invite.”

“Hem, you have, how about all your incarnations? Then there’s the guys travelling with them as well…”

“Rose you’re a bloody genius,” he grinned.

“Can Jack come?”

“Oh, we still need to see him, don’t we?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Rose put a hand on his leg, “Come on, we need to
go and see mum.”

The Doctor groaned. “When I got domestic it didn’t mean this…” she flung his trousers at him. Levering himself up out of the bed he pulled on his clothes. Loving the way that Rose’s face went pink. Rose quickly pulled on hers and went into the kitchen.