The Hidden Well

by Kalleah [Reviews - 208]

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1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 17] (2915 words)
Ladies and gentlemen ... I come bearing fic. I do not mean a one-shot or a PWP. I mean a full-fledged, multi-chapter, plotty fic.

This is a sequel to The Calm Before The Storm and Voyages of Discovery. taking place an indeterminate amount of time after the events of Voyages. I've written this story with the intention of having it be readable for someone who hasn't read the earlier stories, but there are references to them here and there.

I won't be posting at the breakneck speed I have previously. This story is much more plot-intensive than the other two, which were more focused on character development, and the chapters are longer. Consequently, it's taking me some time to get everything nicely settled. I'll probably post twice a week.

Thanks so much to my betas, ivydoor, np_complete, platypus, and sensiblecat, who've put up with endless tweaking of the first two chapters in particular and my whining about never getting into another multi-part fic. (Incidentally, as I keep saying that, I keep having more ideas.) Spoilers: Through Doomsday, and some very vague references to S3.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 5] (3033 words)
Rose has time to question the Doctor about the telepathic communication he heard, and the two of them attend the welcome gathering at Emelia's flat.

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 4] (1516 words)
The Doctor and Rose settle in, for the moment, on Arisbe. For those intrigued by Emelia and Connor, a brief glimpse of a conversation.

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 6] (2840 words)
Rose's first day at the nursery, which begins with a certain amount of culture shock, includes bananas, furmots, and a silent boy, and ends with a mystery sandwich in the nursery cafeteria.

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 8] (1782 words)
The Doctor's winning way with the atmospheric converters, if not with Connor, and the rest of Rose's first day at the nursery.

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 5] (2434 words)
The Doctor is absurdly pleased at being followed. Afterwards, a dinner date, and a conversation about children.

7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 7] (1731 words)
Rose deals with more culture shock, this time of a temporal variety, Connor learns something surprising about the presumed company flunky, and something unexpected happens at the nursery.

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 6] (1728 words)
We pick up immediately after Rose's collapse.

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 6] (2399 words)
A confrontation between Emelia and the Doctor over Rose's care.

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 6] (3230 words)
Rose has a better morning than anticipated, and the conflict between the Doctor and Emelia comes to a boil.

11. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 3] (1982 words)
Emelia and Connor learn the truth about their son.

12. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 5] (2672 words)
The Doctor reaches out to Jonah.

13. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 4] (2061 words)
The saboteurs strike, the Doctor goes barefoot, and Connor learns about the TARDIS.

14. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 6] (2448 words)
Ian presents Rose with a gift, and there are further domestics at the Trabanes'.

15. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 7] (1960 words)
Connor, at long last, meets the TARDIS.

16. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 4] (2176 words)
The Doctor and Rose, not to mention Connor, face the consequences of the lost nine hours.

17. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 4] (3576 words)
Seeking out comfort, and answers, after the lost nine hours.

18. Chapter 18 [Reviews - 6] (2617 words)
The Doctor and Connor have a breakthrough at last, and the saboteurs make another move.

19. Chapter 19 [Reviews - 5] (2790 words)
Emelia runs into the Doctor, and Connor finds himself increasingly concerned about Rose and Jonah.

20. Chapter 20 [Reviews - 7] (1641 words)
The Doctor and Emelia face the unknown intruder in the Trabanes' flat, and Rose tells Connor what she saw in Jonah's memory.

21. Chapter 21 [Reviews - 5] (2111 words)
Emelia takes matters into her own hands, much to the Doctor's disapproval, and Rose has to explain to Jonah that she needs to leave him behind.

22. Chapter 22 [Reviews - 6] (2653 words)
Connor and Rose, and the Doctor and Emelia separately, make their way to the labs to restore power.

23. Chapter 23 [Reviews - 6] (2329 words)
Rose makes a startling discovery about Jonah, and the Doctor and Emelia deal with the treachery from within Arisbe Project.

24. Chapter 24 [Reviews - 7] (2686 words)
Warning: This chapter contains some fairly significant violence, although not graphic. I'm not changing the rating for the story overall, but please be aware that the content of this chapter is quite different from the others.

The confrontation at the TARDIS.

25. Chapter 25 [Reviews - 6] (2180 words)
Rose makes a promise to Jonah, and then had to convince the Doctor of its rightness.

Note:This chapter isn't violent, but there is a scene at the end that may be somewhat disturbing to more sensitive readers.

26. Chapter 26 [Reviews - 6] (3056 words)
The plan to save Arisbe Project, thorny moral issues and all.

27. Chapter 27 [Reviews - 8] (2496 words)
Finding comfort after the confrontation and the unveiling of the plan to the project.

28. Chapter 28 [Reviews - 4] (2936 words)
Two days before the envoy arrives, Jonah makes one giant step forward, the Doctor wants to crash something into the planet, and Connor kicks a converter.

29. Chapter 29 [Reviews - 5] (2237 words)
The Doctor might possibly be showing off, and Emelia has a breakthrough.

30. Chapter 30 [Reviews - 7] (2324 words)
The Doctor teaches Jonah about shields, and everyone gears up for the envoy's arrival.

31. Chapter 31 [Reviews - 3] (2373 words)
How does the Arisbe Project measure up in the eyes of the company envoy?

32. Chapter 32 [Reviews - 10] (2037 words)
The consequences of the Doctor's mercy, and an act of kindness.

Yes, there are conclusions here. The story is not quite complete but it will be soon. Thank you to everyone who's stayed with me throughout the telling of this tale.

33. Chapter 33 [Reviews - 5] (2274 words)
Saying goodbye amidst the celebration. Final chapter; epilogue to follow.

34. Chapter 34 [Reviews - 9] (948 words)
The End.