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He stopped for a moment at the end of the corridor, getting his bearings. They were lost and they both knew it. Her hand was enfolded tightly in his as he led her around the building looking for the TARDIS. He looked left then right and made a decision.
“This way” he said to her, making sure his voice sounded confident enough to reassure her.
“Ok” she said simply and made to follow him, as he turned right and started to walk. He stopped again and turned to look at her, taking her other hand as he spoke.
“Rose, I honestly have no idea where the TARDIS is, I could be taking us entirely the wrong way” She just looked into his intense chocolate brown eyes, which were, at the moment, laced with worry.
“Doctor...” she squeezed his hands “...I don’t care if we’re lost, I trust you to get us out of fact...” she chuckled nervously “... I really don’t care if we ever find the TARDIS, as long as I’ve got you here with me” The Doctor was taken aback at her declaration, he felt his hearts swell at the amount of faith she had in him, but it also worried him. What if she was relying on him to save her in the future and he failed her? Her trust would be shattered; it might result in a serious injury or even death. He shuddered but pulled himself together for her sake, he needed to be strong, for her. He offered a small smile and gave her a quick hug.
“Thank you” he said, and took her hand, leading her once more down the corridor... where the TARDIS stood around the next corner.