by RachelStardust [Reviews - 6]

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“This might sound silly, but is anyone else bored?” Harry asked nervously. Harry was nervous because during his time with the Doctor, he had learned that it’s best to use the “bored” word sparingly. He stood in the doorway of the Control Room. The Doctor’s upper body was buried in a hole in the wall. Sarah Jane stood beside him, holding a flashlight. She was attempting to shine it in the hole, but the Doctor’s curls were getting in the way.

“Bored? ” yelled the Doctor from his current place in the wall. He slid out and stood up properly. “What do you mean by this, Harry? Things not dangerous enough for you, hmm?” The Doctor was clearly not happy. He pulled a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiped his hands. “I shouldn’t worry about being bored for too long. I can always set us down in the middle of another war zone. How’d that do, Harry, hmm?”

The Doctor stepped over to the console and began pressing buttons. Sarah Jane did not want to spend another weekend in the middle of a civil war, so she did the only thing that seemed possible. She made a suggestion. “Why don’t we just play a game? I realize it’s not nearly as exciting as a war zone, but there’s almost no chance of anyone dying.” She looked at the Doctor imploringly. “It could be fun.”

“Well...” The Doctor pondered his answer. He honestly did want to get involved in someone else’s business, but a game could be nice. “Alright. What do you propose we play?”

The TARDIS just so happened to have a fully equipped game room down the hall from the kitchen. As the Doctor and Harry studied the various games, Sarah wondered how long this room had been in existence. She judged it to be almost five minutes old.

It was decided that cards would be the most enjoyable option. They each took seats a the conveniently placed card table. Harry shuffled the cards. “So, what’ll it be?" Sarah shrugged. “I don’t care.” “Doctor?” “Well, I was under the impression that the point of playing cards was to play for money, but since none of us actually have any...” The Doctor trailed off. They hadn’t planned on this. It looked as though they just might be heading off to a war zone after all, but Sarah had an idea. Whether or not this idea was a good one, remained to be seen.

“Why don’t we play for something else?” “Like what?” Harry asked, intrigued. “I don’t about Jelly Babies?” The Doctor shook his head. He was as sure of his card playing skills as he was any of his other skills, but that didn’t mean he was going to risk Jelly Babies. “How about something else?” he said quicky. “Well, I don’t know what else would really do unless we play for clothes—“ Sarah began. “Wait, I like that,” interrupted Harry.

“You can’t mean that, Harry.” Harry nodded. “Yes, I do. It might makes things—ah—more interesting.” He winked at the Doctor. The Doctor shot him what might be termed a Look of Death. Sarah Jane watched this exchange with the strong feeling that she had missed something important.

It took about twenty minutes and about a thousand more Looks of Death from the Doctor to Harry, but finally a decision was reached: They could play for clothes, but only no-one could get completely naked. They were six hands into the game and Harry had already lost both of his shoes, his socks, his jacket, and was well on his way to losing his shirt. The Doctor had lost one of his shoes. Sarah Jane was happily still fully clothed.

Harry threw his cards down on the table. “Beat that!” he yelled gleefully. Sarah raised her eyebrows. His hand was a very good one. She shrugged and dropped her cards. It was much better than hers. “I fold.” The Doctor laid his cards down calmly. “Alright, Harry. I’ve beat it.”Harry glared at the Doctor. Swearing, he began unbuttoning his shirt.

Two hours later, Harry was sitting in his underwear, the Doctor had lost everything but his shirt and trousers, and Sarah had somehow managed to lose only her shoes and socks. Harry wasn’t sure if he was more disappointed over losing himself or watching Sarah Jane not lose. “Alright, I give up.” Harry said, throwing down his latest hand. “I’m out of clothes.” He stood up and began gathering his various articles of clothing.

“Still bored, Harry?” “Not at all Doctor,” Harry answered. He stopped just outside the door and looked back at Sarah and the Doctor. “Going to continue the game without me, Doctor?” He didn’t bother waiting for the answer.

Sarah began gathering up the cards. “Well, that wasn’t a total waste of time,” she said pleasantly. “Not at all,” the Doctor replied. “I rather enjoyed it” He grinned at Sarah “Care to finish the game somewhere else?”