Torquay invasion

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Author's Notes:
I had this idea randomly I apolgize now for bad grammar or spelling. I live in Torquay so don't judge and I hate my school a little

Alexa sat in her form group with her friends.Lauren,Grace,Elsee,Sophie and Faith.It was a typical Torquay morning, cloudy. Out of all the schools her parents sent her to westlands.
"Great another day of Media studies ,maths,science and double drama .I hate Torquay it's boring." Alexa said before putting her head on her desk.
"Lexa chill out today will be okay." Grace replied
Alexa didn't move she just lay there.Their form tutor Mrs Lenora welked in the room, a huge pile of books in her arms, that almost weighed her down.
"Sorry I was late, ladies problems." when Mrs Lenora said this some boys cringed.

Mr Conners came into the room with a package he handed it to Mrs Lenora.
"This is a communication device between us teachers,I wanted to hand it to you Marie."Mr Connors said.
Mrs Lenora smiled opening the package.
"Thank you Paul it's very considerate of you."
Mrs Lenore clipped on the devices to her ears.

Alexa looked suspiciosly at her teacher.


Rose hummed as she listened to her i pod. She picked up a magazine from a pile on the chair next to her.The Doctor walked around the console pressing buttons here and there.Rose put he magazine down.
"Where are we going!"
The Doctor had slipped his glasses on to read the monitor.
"Well it is hard to tell.We have been dragged of to a different location."


The bell rang in the room students all over Alexa's class ran out of the class room.Alexa had managed to push her way out on to the corridor, she walked up to the english rooms.

There was a note on the door reading;
Class 11u3 to 1506.
Alexa sighed and walked up the corridor to room 1506.As she walked in the room no teacher was there and the other students messing around she sat beside her friends Helena,Lauren and Jennifer.


The TARDIS landed in to the schools canteen.Drama student were practising in the extention.The one girl in the group looked at them one of the boys tapped her on the shoulder. Rose and The Doctor walked out.
"Right to reception."
"Well I am going to be a substitute teacher and you are my assistant."
The Doctor looked confused.
"I have no idea where reception is."
"Me neither."

"Oh there you are." One of the boys said coming from the other room
"You might of waited for me."The girl replied.
The Doctor looked at Rose who was walking to the voices.He followed after her.Rose knocked on the doors. The girl walked up to the door, she was wearing a t-shirt that was black and that had a logo on it saying "Fame westlands cast 2007" Over it was a black scarf around her arms and had a chain of red beads around her neck and she wore black trousers and shoes similar to The Doctors. She opened the door.

"What do you want we were rehersing our play."She said rather bossily.
"Sorry, we wanted to know where the reception is."
"I will show you."
"Roxy you can't walk out now."
"James,Will I will be two mins."


"So we have to go to room 1506."
On one of the walls was a map.
"The next floor up, as far back as we can go second room on the left."

Alexa rested a hand on her desk then rested her head on the hand.She felt uncomfortable so she pulled a book out of her bag.
The cover had the torchwood logo on the cover. The book was about The Doctor. She saw a rather old picture of The Doctor and Rose.

"Morning class." The Doctor announced.
Alexa put her book down,She saw them.
"Soo what subject is this."
"Media studies." Alexa said
Alexa walked to the front of the class room holding a text book.
"You will need this sir, page 14."
"Thank you. erm."
"Alexa, Alexa Bloom sir."
"Thank you Miss Bloom."
Alexa walked back to her seat. The Doctor slid on his glasses.
"Hello I am Mr Smith and she is Miss Tyler."

The bell rang after another lesson.Alexa walked pass The Doctor.
"Miss Bloom, could you stay a minute."
Alexa stopped and turned around.
"What is it Mr Smith?"
"We sort of arrived here and we don't know where "Here" is."
"Well "Here" is Torquay Jewel of the english rivera."
The Doctor looked at her stunned.Rose smiled.
"Mum brought me to Torquay when I was four.They do lovely chips at a place called Chandler's Chippie."
"Yeah,it's still there."
The Doctor noticed that the windows were covered in paper.He walked over to the windows.With one sharp movement he pulled the paper off revealing a sports hall. There was an army of cybermen. He looked at Rose worried.
"What is it."
Rose ran over to the windows she looked down.Alexa walked up behind them.
"The teachers,Mrs Lenora had these things in her ears, she wlked this way then walked down to the sports hall.Helena told me."
Alexa looked worriedly at the army below them.
"Our class was smaller than usuall they might be taking us as well."
The Doctor looked at Alexa.
"How do you know of the cybermen?"
"Doctor I am the crowned Princess of Arcadia."
"But it's gone."
"My parents sent me as an exchange programme, then my home was gone destroyed in the time war.I've found people who are building me another planet.But I have to stay here until it is finished."
The Doctor frowned.
"I am sorry."

"Right we need to evacuate all the students and kill all those cybermen."
Alexa opened her bag an rummaged around in it. She dragged out a small box and a bright red cylinder.
"This is a voice changer the students left will think you are the head teacher." Alexa said as she handed the small box to The Doctor.
The Doctor looked at the box.
"Genius,its brilliant."
"thank it took me years to develop it."
The Doctor pulled out the sonic screwdriver.He whurred it at the device.
"All remaining students are to go home immediately.Thank you."The Doctor said using the device it worked all over the school system.
"This is what we are going to use on the cybermen."
Alexa put the tube down on the table.she removed three small pins and handed one to Rose and one to The Doctor and pinned the last one on her own fame t-shirt.
"These are cloaking devices but to work you have to imagine what you want to be before you go in there."
Alexa demonstrated this she turned in to a cyberman.
"To turn back you think of your self."

Alexa,Rose and The Doctor walked down to the sports hall. They walked to the centre of the hall and Alexa put the cylinder on the floor.
She walked to the open door at the back of the hall. Once outside she turned into her self.
"Doctor bring the TARDIS remotely and get it now this school is gonna blow."
The Doctor whirred the sonic screwdriver bringing the TARDIS to his side.
"C'mon Alexa you are gonna die."
Alexa pressed the button on her remote.she ran into the TARDIS.A small bang came from outside.
"That bomb contained Arcadian gold and that should have blown the apart."
Rose looked stunned at Alexa.
"When you planet is distroyed you have to be very careful of cybermen and daleks."
Alexa handed a small medal to The Doctor and also one to Rose.
"These are for your bravery and courage, you two are now respected members of the order of the crystal sphere."