by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 63]

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1. The Master of My Mind [Reviews - 27] (6023 words)
The very beginning of this is straight out of the Sound of Drums, but it then goes off into AU territory where I once again mercilessly whump the poor Doctor. And Jack this time, too. This is a pretty dark fic with violence, mind control, and a bit of hinted non-con if you squint. Master/Doctor fics have been sprouting positively everywhere lately, and I think I understand why.

Once again, I'm offering something else up in place of the fifteen part h/c OT3 monster that I'm trying to force into something resembling a manageable story. But this kinda needs to be posted before the last episode of S3, anyway, so here we go.

2. The Captain of My Soul [Reviews - 12] (6427 words)

3. The Student of My Heart [Reviews - 7] (8081 words)

4. The Doctor of My Spirit [Reviews - 17] (6695 words)