"You could come with me." The Doctor's tone was a hopeful one. He watched Sarah Jane, waiting for her reaction. She appeared to be deep in thought. After what seemed like hours to the Doctor's mind, she shook her head.

"No, I'd rather not." The Doctor gaped at her. "What do you mean? 'Rather not'? What in hell are you saying?" "I'm saying I'd rather not travel with you, that's all." Sarah put her hand on the Doctor's shoulder. "I appreciate the offer, but..." she let her sentence trail off.

"Why not?" choked the Doctor. Sarah Jane tilted her head and looked at his face for a few seconds. She straightened back up and shrugged. "I've tried to see it, but it just isn't there." The Doctor was fairly jumping out of his skin. "What isn't?!"

"You're not him. I know you're the Doctor, I'm not daft, but you're not My Doctor." If the Doctor's eyes could have gone back to their former state of bugging out of his head, they would have done so. "You don't want to go with me, because I'm not my past self?! But you know all about my regenerating! You met my first five incarnations!"

Sarah sighed. "I know, Doctor. I adored all of you, but I really only wanted to spend time with one of you." The Doctor spoke slowly, "But I'm still the same person. I mean, this incarnation is basically that one--just better looking!"

Sarah smiled. "Yes, it is very similar, I'll admit." The Doctor began to perk up. "However," she continued, "I think your personality came out better last time. You didn't have all these "good looks" getting in the way." The Doctor just shook his head. "You're mad, Sarah Jane Smith." Sarah giggled. "I suppose I am, but curls and wide eyes are far more attractive than you ever gave them credit for.