Master destruction

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The TARDIS was torn open; The Toclaflane appeared from the sky. A strong golden light filled the conference room of the valiant’s blond girl appeared her white dress flowed on to the floor. The girl’s eyes weren't any colour as the vortex light clouded them.
"AHHHHH! The bad wolf rises again to save The Doctor and humanity."
The bad wolf exploded in light the girls heels hit the floor.
"The Master will die by my hand.”
The Doctor crippled with agony.
"Calm Doctor your saviour is here."
Rose clenched her hands, all the power flowed from her The Doctor turned back in to his self.
"Master, the evil time lord you are in my power."
"Oh yeah, how."
"I am the vortex, I am the TARDIS, and I control you, The Doctor and all of creation."
Rose/Bad wolf flew towards the master, Lucy backed away.
"Look at you little wife, Shame she had to go."
Lucy disappeared in a flash all that was left was a pile of dust.
"Rose, stop this now."
"Doctor let me finish. Master it's your turn for destruction now."
The bad wolf, had balls of ancient vortex energy. The balls flew out of her hands causing the Master to turn to dust.

The machine encasing the TARDIS console dissolved, she lay there in her with white dress pooling on the floor around her. The Doctor walked to her.
"Rose, what have you done?"
The Doctor looked at Rose's comatose like body, with hope of an answer The Bad wolf flew out of Rose and stood beside her.
"Rose did nothing it was the Bad wolf goddess that lay dormant in her. Rose Tyler she is immortal she will live forever." These words echoed around The Doctor

Rose's eyes closed and her head tilted, .The Doctor bowed his head, tears flowed from his eyes. He held her body on his knees; The Doctor could smell her perfume."Eau de chateau regale."

"She was only young why did you do this to her."
The Doctor slid her gently on the floor. Rose shot up, she screamed in agony. In a knee-jerk kind of way she clasped The Doctor's arm.
"I am alive, why am I alive, she said I would die." Rose said.
She blinked heavily, trying to focus her now brown eyes.
Rose was changed by the bad wolf, the bad wolf stood there.
"Rose Tyler is a Ti........"
Bad wolf flew back in to Rose's body.
"Are you Rose or The Bad wolf?"
"I think I am Rose."
"How long has she emerged?"
"Since I was left on the parallel earth. There was a parallel you and he helped me and save me he used a chameleon arch on me turned me in to a Time lord then she appeared The Bad Wolf the woman legend on Parallel Skaro I sorry she destroyed the Daleks there."

Rose stood up The Doctor did as well Rose cricked her neck. The Bad Wolf grabbed the Doctor and kissed him.
"Sorry that was her."
The Doctor breathed out heavily. He wiped his fore head.
"Hey it’s not like I am complaining."
"Now she is saying to....."Rose finished her sentence by whispering in his ear.
"Oh my god, you are filthy, thank god I turned you time lord."
"Oh god yeah I am glad you did."
Rose kissed The Doctor she bit his lip hard for abandoning her.
"Oww, whadda ya do that for."
"Don't worry you aren't bleeding. For not telling me."
"Wha... Oh yeah I love you."

Rose kissed him again. Only for a few seconds for him to get used to this, to smell her, to understand this was really her and she loved him.
"You deserved that, well c'mon we can't do y'know what here."
The Doctor looked around the room.
"Yeah good point.Lemme get my hand."
The Doctor picked up his hand in the jar. He saw the word torchwood etched on the lid.
"Doctor it’s a hand. Eww no extra body parts, well not hands any way, on the TARDIS."

Rose stepped over piles of dust that were The Master and Lucy. She walked down the stairs.
"Mr President."
Rose walked to Jack and pulled him up.
"Hey good lookin'."
"Rose you look ......"
Rose shushed Jack and shook her head
"I am a time lord."
"That's not what I meant."
"Yes I know, but keep it stumm.kay."
"Not that either, are you."
"No, no, that's impossible."
"You look radiant."

Rose tutted him and walked pass, her heels clicked on the floor. The Doctor followed like a puppy, carrying the hand like a pillow.Jack walked behind him. Martha re-appeared in the room. She ran after them, she saw Rose and wondered who she was and why Jack and The Doctor cared.
Rose pulled out a string from under her dress; on the end was a key.
She put into the lock of the TARDIS.The doors make a familiar creak.
A smile creeped on to Rose's face.
"I am home, I missed this place."
Rose sweeped her hand along the TARDIS console. The TARDIS glowed a beautiful blue around the room.

"She is glad your back."The Doctor said with a grin.
"The TARDIS or you?"
The Doctor pointed at himself. Martha slipped in the TARDIS, to stop her going any further Jack put out his arm to stop her.
"Who is she?" Martha whispered.
Jack sighed.
"Well she is the Doctor's "Girl" Friend, Rose, Rose Tyler."Jack muttered.
Jack didn't reply to this he just nodded.
"She is really pretty."

The Doctor ran around the console as he used to. Jumping here and there but always smiling at Rose. Martha walked out from a door across the console room with a small bag which had a few of her clothes in it.
"Here is your key and I will be off."Martha said as she pressed a small metal key in to The Doctor's hand.
“Martha don’t go.”
Rose smiled and held a hand towards Martha.
“You don’t want to go, stay; we’ll have a laugh, all of us as mates.”
Martha looked at Rose then at The Doctor
“I would love to but I can’t.”Martha replied she waved a little and walked out of the TARDIS’ doors.
“Bye Rose, Doctor.”
Rose waved after her. Jack followed after Martha.
“Are they gonna be okay?”Rose asked The Doctor.
“We will see them again Rose; I swear.”