by Gwyneth [Reviews - 2]

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The door of the 1960’s Police Pubic Call Box opened and a tall man with unruly locks, deep brown eyes and a slightly wonky smile stepped out. Clad in a brown pinstriped suit and slightly battered white converses this mysterious man, known only as the Doctor, would look, to the untrained eye, human. This was far from the truth though as he was an alien; the last of the time lords, and he travelled around time and space in his spaceship.

He spotted Rose who was standing a few feet away and looking slightly smug. He went over to her and questioned her smugness.

She replied, still looking as smug as ever, ‘well, you know I was saying about us never landing where you intended us to go,’


‘You wanted to land in England, right,’


Rose motioned to a point behind her as she said, ‘well look what’s over there.’

The Doctor glanced in the direction that she was pointing, ‘ah.’

Behind her was the Millennium Stadium with its slightly curved front and its inscriptions well lit up in the dying light — they were in Cardiff, Wales not England. Once again he had gotten it wrong and now looked a fool.

‘Aww, did poor icle Doccy get it wong again?’ Rose said in the babiest voice ever. She grabbed the Doctors hand and continued in her normal voice, ‘never mind! Come on.’ She pulled him along with her as she walked off, ‘let’s have some fun before we have to run for our lives, again!’

The Doctor chuckled and was about to drag Rose off to a nice restaurant for dinner when he suddenly let go of her hand and ran off. Rose shook her head and thought, ‘already!’ before running to catch up with him.

Once she caught up with him she soon realised why he had run. He noticed her presence and gently squeezed her hand to reassure her. They were over looking a terrible scene.

There were four people, two men and two women, fighting with five ugly creatures that had wrinkled greeny-grey skin and were clearly alien. They didn’t seem to be terribly clever, but one had managed to snatch a gun from the younger man. It fired a couple of shots, all of them missing by miles. However on the fifth shot it hit the taller man square in the chest. The force of the shot sent him reeling into the wall and his lifeless body slid down and ended in a crumpled heap. This man, as Rose now saw his face, was none other than Captain Jack Harkness.

One of the women with long, dark brown hair and lots of freckles turned around and saw that Jack had been shot. Even though he was clearly dead she still called out to him in her thick welsh accent, ‘Jack, hurry up will ya, we need you, you’re the only one with tranquilisers.’

A slight groan came from the handsome man, ‘alright, Gwen. Coming back from the dead aint the easiest thing to do ya know,’

‘I’m sure it isn’t Jack, but three people fighting five Weevils aint no party either.’

With another groan, Jack heaved himself up from the ground and took out three tranquiliser darts from the pocket of his navy blue trench coat. Without messing about he quickly knocked out the three nearest Weevils, Rose now understood to be the aliens’ name, with the darts.

Now that it was two on four, the younger man managed to grab his gun back and put it safely back in his holster whilst Gwen and the other woman held the remaining two Weevils still so that Jack could tranquilise them.

Jack turned in shock as he saw a blond blur run towards him. Once the girl had released him from the bear tight hug that she had given him, he realised who it was, ‘Rose?!’

They hugged once more before Rose gazed up into his dazzling blue eyes, a content look on her face, ‘oh my God, Jack. I can’t believe it’s really you,’

‘Me neither! It’s been too long.’ He picked up her hand and together they walked off with two jealous looking faces staring after them.