by Gwyneth [Reviews - 2]

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Author's Notes:
Erm, so... the prologue for a new story ... enjoy!!

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You think that those reports on the TV were hoaxes and that this whole “epidemic” is just a silly, practical joke that someone is playing. It can’t really be aliens you tell people, aliens aren’t real. There are no little green men walking (or whatever they do) the Earth.

You wonder why anyone believes this nonsense and think you a crazy old fool for saying so.

If were truly an epidemic you reason that surely a large network like the BBC would have reported on this by now, but no. It is only the small local channels who have reported on it; and these channels usually have nothing to report on other than the weather and a few traffic updates!

You switch off the TV; you can’t stand anymore of this rubbish. You think that this could never happen to you. You walk innocently into your hallway, blissfully unaware of what is about to happen in exactly 30 seconds.

You dawdle down the corridor, your head still brimming with thoughts about the “aliens”.

20 seconds.

You open the door and continue into your kitchen.

10 seconds.

You grab the newspaper off the side and put on your sunglasses.

5 seconds.

You reach out for the door handle.

4 seconds.

You pull the handle down and push the door open.

3 seconds.

You place your right foot outside.

2 seconds.

Followed by your left.

1 second.

You didn’t even have time to close the door.