by Metz [Reviews - 4]

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  • Angst

Author's Notes:

Its eating me. I have to write this down .

He ran away from me.

His words out of his mouth. He couldn't face it, couldn't face what I'd become and so he ran away from me.

I liked it better when I was a coward and he wasn't.

While I bathe in radiation, suddenly a convenient tool, he asks me 'do you want to die'.

For a second, I realise he's the one who can do that, and I wonder if I'm going to leave this room alive. After all, he ran away from me and I know what he does to the things he's afraid of.

I look at him, his eyes haunting me through the door. Maybe he will be the one who does that. I wonder how.

I wonder if it will be fast and quiet, and I will never know. Or if he'll stand in front of me, all fire and darkness, looking into my eyes.

I don't know who he is. Not any more.