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Author's Notes:
This could be canon. Four does this in The Power of Kroll, and well...Six screams so nicely, you know? And Peri's so good at it.

Peri took a deep breath, and screamed, long and loud. The Doctor winced, covering his eyes, and she looked up. "Anything?"

"Nothing broken except my eardrums." The Doctor groused. "I told you it was pointless."

"At least I tried! There has to be a way to break that window." Peri tugged on the ropes holding them both down. "We have to get it open before that thing returns." If they could only reach the shards, they'd be able to free themselves and have a way out. "You try."

"Try what? Screaming?" The Doctor sneered. "I don't scream."

"Alright, then you can shriek. You do that a lot." Peri smirked.

"Shriek!?" The Doctor's voice went up four octaves. "I do not shriek!"

The window cracked audibly. Peri's smirk changed into a grin. "I knew you could do it! Go on, scream again."

"Absolutely not."

"I'll just keep doing it until you start." With that, the young American filled her lungs again and screamed as loudly as she could. The Time Lord winced again.

"Could you at least try to do it melodically?"

"Why don't you demonstrate, Doctor?" They were on a tight schedule, so Peri added "Please," with a touch of worry.

"Oh, alright." With a scowl, the Doctor did more than shriek- he produced a sound so high that it brought tears to Peri's eyes and hurt her ears. She looked at him, wide eyed.

"That wasn't a shriek."

"No, my dear. That was a party trick I learned three incarnations ago." The window had cracked further, and he shrugged. "Your turn."

"Oh, I can't top that."


Peri screamed.

The Doctor shrieked again.

The window exploded in a shower of shards.

They managed to release themselves and escape seconds before the interrogators came for them. Peri kept giving the Doctor admiring looks and he found it very hard not to preen. Back on the TARDIS, he made them both honey tea to sooth their throats.

And afterwards, whenever they'd argue, as soon as she started screaming at him, he'd give her a Look.

And she'd remember he could always be louder than her. Sometimes it even made her stop.