Twilight Zone

by RachelStardust [Reviews - 0]

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  • Het, Introspection

Romana took a deep breath. She counted to five before opening the door to the Control Room. She knew the Doctor would be in there--playing with one thing or another--and she wanted to be prepared. The Doctor appeared quite unaware of the tension which had crept up between them during the past weeks, but it was all too clear to Romana.

She told herself that it was nothing to worry about. The instructors at the Academy had warned her that sometimes such thoughts would come into her head, but that if she ignored them they would go away. It wasn't a complete disaster to have these feelings, she reasoned. They provided an excellent learning oppourtunity. What she hadn't gambled on was developing feelings for the Doctor.

Romana looked at the Doctor as something insignificant. She felt that he was not without some useful knowledge, but overall beneath her. Not to mention mad. When she first began considering the Doctor as anything else, she wasn't alarmed. She chalked it up to what happens when two people spend as much time together as she and the Doctor. When the feelings continued--and increased--she decided there was cause for concern.

The real horror had come during their expedition on Tara. The escape on horseback had been a brilliant move on her part, at least she felt it was, but when she picked up the Doctor everything had gone fuzzy. It shocked and disgusted her to find that she liked having his arms around her body. He was bigger than her, and she wanted to be held by him. The feel of him so close made her tingle.

Romana had slapped herself mentally and decided that was the end of it. There was no sense in entertaining such feelings. The problem came when she found that she couldn't stick to that resolve, no matter how hard she tried. She found herself causing situations in which the Doctor would be forced to touch her--however slightly. His voice, always deep and sonorous--thrilled her in a way she had never thought possible. Before she had hated listening to him ramble on, but now she delighted in it.

Romana knew the Doctor didn't feel the same way about her. He constantly taunted and teased her. He poked fun at her clothes, her lack of experience..but Romana had to admit that he had never said anything truly insulting.

She entered the Control Room to find the Doctor on the floor, rummaging around in a cabinet. "What are you looking for?" she asked, trying to keep her voice lever. The Doctor grunted, but made no other attempt to reply. Romana rolled her eyes. "You can't tell me, then?"

The Doctor pulled his head out of the cabinet and turned to face her. "Romana, if someone appears busy, it't best to assume they are busy and not pester them. Or did they not teach you that bit at the Academy? Hmm?" Romana cringed. She didn't mean to put the Doctor into such a foul temper, but it seemed that her mere prescence did so.
"I wasn't trying to pester. I was simply asking what you were rummaging about in that cabinet for." Her tone was slightly defensive. She wondered how he would take it. The Doctor got up from the floor and began eating a Jelly Baby. "O, nothing really. I can't seem to find my copy of The White Album anywhere. I was hoping to come across in in there." "The White Album?" Romana was confused. The Doctor was already involved in a new project across the room. His answer took a few minutes in coming. "Yes, it's a musical recording by an Earth band---The Beatles." He looked up from the pieces of computer he was fiddling with. "Surely you've heard of them?" Romana shook her head. "Well, I'll have to take you to see them. Can't have you running about not knowing about The Beatles, can we?" laughed the Doctor.

She shrugged. "If you feel it's important." She didn't really care about seeing The Beatles, but she understood that if the Doctor wanted to show it to her then she'd have to see it. The Doctor's eyes fairl bugged from his head. "If I feel it's--How could it not be important--it's only--" he couldn't seem to get his mouth around the words, he was so flustered. Romana felt disgusted with herself. She loved seeing him so passionate about things.

The Doctor wasn't nearly as unobservent as Romana imagined him to be. He saw everything that went on--on the TARDIS at least--and the things that didn't go on. He had noticed that Romana was spending less and less time in his company. He wasn't entirely sure why, but he had a theory.

The Doctor pressed a few buttons and the the TARDIS began to hum. He grinned. "We're on our way Romana."

The Doctor had taken Romana to the see the The Beatles roof-top performance. They had stood off to the side and pretended like they were supposed to be there. Romana had gotten lost in the music. Before she knew it, she was swaying in time to the music. She stopped when she caught the Doctor watching her, but he shook his head and laughed. Romana wasn't sure how to handle it when the Doctor grabbed her hands and pulled her over to him. She tried to resist, but the Doctor wouldn't hear of her not dancing.

Later on, when they were back in the TARDIS, Romana didn't know what to say. She wanted to thank the Doctor for a wonderful time, but she didn't know how. The Doctor shushed her efforts to speak with a wave of his hand. He realized what she was trying to say and how hard it was for her to say it.

The Doctor began pressing buttons. The TARDIS hummed happily. "Where did you set it for?" asked Romana. She drifted over to the Doctor. "I've just programmed it to float around in the Time Vortex. We need a holiday, don't we? Yes, I really think we do. Your arrival and that Key to Time business interrupted my last holiday."

Romana didn't say anything. She took a step away from the Doctor, but was stopped by his hand on hers. "Romana, why are you avoiding me?" Romana tried to make her voice light. "Doctor, you must be getting senile. I haven't been doing anything of the sort."

"You know you have, Romana." He touched her chin with his other hand. "Is it because.." the Doctor let the sentence hang unfinished. Romana was feeling sick. She loved this. She hated this. She wanted the Doctor to kiss her. She couldn't stand the idea of the Doctor kissing her. Her head was screaming twelve different things at once.

The Doctor looked into her eyes. Romana knew he could see everything that was going on in her head. It wasn't a matter of reading her mind--he was just that perceptive.

The Doctor didn't move. Romana sensed that he was waiting for her to move. She wanted to run away and hide, but her body wouldn't let her. Almost before she realized it, she had leaned forward. Seconds later she was kissing the Doctor.