None of My Friends

by RachelStardust [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
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  • Humor, Missing, Scene

Author's Notes:
I originally wanted this to be a dramatic story, but it seems better as a humour fic.

"Harry, come on!" Sarah Jane whispered. She was crouched underneath an open window. She was on the inside. Harry was on the outside. "I'm not so great at climbing up buildings you know," Harry snapped. He was annoyed with Sarah for dragging them all the way to London, despite the Brigiadiar ordering them not to go. He was even mHarrore annoyed with himself for being unable to resist Sarah's wishes for him to accompany her. He reasoned that she needed someone along "in case anything happened", but he knew this was a lie. Sarah Jane had proved countless times that she could take care of herself.

He grabbed the window frame and pulled himself through it. Harry took a deep breath, happy to have made it to the inside. His pleasure was cut short by Sarah calling to him from the hallway.

"Are you in yet?" she yelled, peering into the room. Spotting Harry, she gestured for him to follow. Harry rolled his eyes. He had come to respect Sarah Jane's determination and intelligence, but he had never quite shaken that somewhat patronizing attitude he originally held toward her.

Sarah and Harry hurried down a series of hallways. It was looking very much like they were lost, when a door opened and a man in black rushed through. He slammed it behind him. Not seeing Sarah and Harry, he bent down and locked it with a metal device he pulled from his pocket.

The Doctor returned the Sonic Screwdriver to his coat pocket and turned around. His mouth fell open in shock when his eyes landed on Sarah and Harry. He opened his mouth to speak, but found that he didn't know what to say. Sarah and Harry looked just as surprised as he did.

Harry was the first to speak. "Was that a--" he paused, feeling a bit foolish for what he was about to say, "--a Sonic Screwdriver, by any chance?"