"Come on Sarah!!" The Doctor's eyes were bugging out of his head. His curls were in a worse state of chaos than usual. Neither of these things was helped by the fact that he was running as fast as possible down a busy London street, scarf flapping wildly behind him. Sarah Jane stood outside the TARDIS, not sure exactly what to think. Part of her wanted to just go back into the TARDIS and ignore the screaming man getting all the stares, but she decided that whatever the Doctor was running off to was far more interesting than sitting in the TARDIS alone.

She shut the TARDIS door and hurried after the Doctor. She caught up with him moments later. The Doctor was beginning to slow down. He was out of breath and appeared to be on the verge of collapsing. "I--" he took in a deep breath. "I haven't ran like that since the Zygons were in Scotland." He giggled happily. "I had forgotten how much fun it was."

Sarah Jane giggled as well. She wasn't completely sure what was funny, but the Doctor's laughter was infectious. "What's the emergency?" she asked. The Doctor pointed to a shop on the upcoming corner. "When we get there, I'll explain." Sarah nodded. She knew the Doctor well enough to know that asking for an explanation now would prove useless.

It didn't take long for Sarah Jane and the Doctor to reach the corner. Sarah looked up at the sign and was stunned to read the words "Jellied Candy Palace." "Doctor, why are we at a candy shop?" she asked, confused. The Doctor reached into his coat pocket. Grinning his usual madman grin, he pulled out an empty white bag.