I know I don't look like much, but would it kill them to consider my feelings sometimes? I expect disrespect from everyone else, but the Doctor should know better. He's a Timelord. He understands my nature as a TARDIS, but does he ever stop thinking about himself long enough to consider me?

I'm a living thing too, you know! I was grown in the finest field on Gallifrey! Does the Doctor care about that? Not a bit. I was on my way to a nice long holiday when that overgrown child had to go and steal me! I was never meant to be a getaway car!

He doesn't care about me. I'm always being left in the most horrid places. Gravel pits, caves--if it's undesirable, I've been there. He'll leave me all by myself for the longest times and then he'll turn up again and expect me to be all happy to see him.

I don't think he really understands me at all. Yes, I am alive and I can hear every word that's said, but does that mean I have to be the Doctor's personal diary? Do I really need to know every thought that passes through that loon's brain? Not to mention the constant sexual harassment. Always touching me inappopriately. I am simply not that kind of TARDIS.

Then there's the companions. If they're smart enough to understand me, they do the same thing he does--share every thought in their heads whether I like it or not. The worst are the ones who don't understand. There was that fellow who kept calling me a "machine". As if I, a TARDIS--the last known TARDIS in the Universe I might add--could be described simply as a machine! The Doctor's certainly made me carry around some fools. There was that one girl who thought a yo-yo was part of my control system. The only one of them who ever appreciated me was that Nyssa.

I am by no means a young TARDIS. With that madman driving I've been in every dangerous situation imaginable. He's always wanting me to jump through time and space without ever giving me a break. I made it through E-Space, but did I get a thank-you? Humph.

I'm always being expected to make room for more people. He's always bringing in someone new--without bothering to get rid of the one who were already here! I've had up to house 4 people at a time, and each got their own personal private rooms! I supply them all with food, water, clothing!

I'm stuck in this absurd shape. The Doctor used to try and fix me, but one little tumble off a building and he decides to never try again. It looks like someone needs to learn about getting back on the horse.

As much as I've enjoyed my time with the Doctor, I feel it needs to end. I'm tired of being harassed and made into a servant for an ungrateful madman and his friends. Looks like we're heading toward a crack between Universes. I think I'll die..right about...now..