Mother of Mine

by SolarTorch [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
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  • Character, Study, Introspection

Author's Notes:
Second fic. Not my fault. Got an idea and couldn't stop typing. I don't know a parent like this...

I love my mother, I really do. It’s just that sometimes she can be … a bit intense. It’s not her fault. The way Dad acted, it’s enough to make anyone nervous. And though she’ll never admit it, she’s never got over the divorce. Sometimes I think… I know she still thinks about him. That she still loves him. I can see it in her eyes. And now, she’s so lonely.

I know that this doesn’t excuse her behaviour towards the Doctor. But it explains it. Although, I was so embarrassed when she slapped the Doctor! In public too! It was awful. I’ll never live it down.

My mother always pushed me. Told me which people to talk to, who to avoid.
Which courses to take, what my grades should be. Why they weren’t what they should be. And if I ever brought any boys home… It doesn’t bear thinking about. Once, I went downtown with this boy in my class at school, and I invited him in, just while I got my jacket. My mother swooped in, and started grilling him. The Spanish Inquisition has nothing on my mum. He never asked me out again. And I was only 13, I wasn't exactly gonna shag him, was I? My mother has never understood the phrase ‘He’s just a friend’.

She means well though. It’s just, it was awful when I got my first job. I was 14, and it was just in the kitchen of this terrible pub. Whenever I got paid, she’d take twenty quid off me each week, so that when I went to university I had enough money! Huh! None of my friends had to do that. She spent years saying she’d pay, then when I actually went it was all ‘get a higher paid job’ and ‘ you should have saved more’. I was working in a bar pretty much every night, and I was well off compared to some, but their parents actually gave them money. I barely had time for learning thanks to her. And she chose the course for me. I must do medicine and I must go to such-and-such a place to learn it. Bloody charming.

I’m not trying to be critical, honest to God I’m not. But you try living with my mother breathing down your neck for five minutes, let alone all your life. She was never like this with Tish and Leo. It’s just so unfair. Sometimes I think I ran off with the Doctor to escape her. The ‘Fire-Breathing Dragon’ my mates used to call her. I never told them to stop it.

That’s why being with the Doctor is so weird. I haven’t got her constantly criticising every move I make, ready to judge, improve, condemn. I mean, the travelling through time and space with a man who’s the last of one of the greatest races in the universe, that I can handle. Easy. But being able to say what I really think, about pretty much anyone…That’s new. That's nice. That’s… more than nice.

I could get used to this.