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Author's Notes:
So, something random! Enjoy!

The Doctor slouched down on the jump seat waiting for Martha to come into the TARDIS.

He reflected on the days events and the strange thing he had been overcome by.

It was horrible, like hundreds of people constantly screeching in your ears, being trapped in room on fire, but unable to die although the pain that coursed through your body was unbearable.

He still had that feeling though it was a litle better. He contemplated on telling Martha to stay on the ship a bit longer. He wasn't sure of what he was capable of doing.

As Martha crashed through the doors, the Doctor felt an overwhealming surge of pain that ran from head to toe. He screamed out, fell from the jump seat onto the grated floor and writhed, willing the pain away.

Martha ran over to him, bent down and brushed some hair away from his eyes and willed him to talk to her; even just open his eyes.

The Doctor tried to talk, warn Martha away from him. Tell her to run, then maybe, just maybe he could burn off this pain. The problem was that no recognisable words came out. Just screams that shook the body of the TARDIS.

He couldn't take it anymore, it was too much. Too much. He did it. Did the worst thing he could have possibly done.

He opened his eyes.

He stared straight at Martha, the light from his eyes bore into hers. No sounds came out of either one, but as the light burnt out, like a dead flame, Martha and the Doctor fainted and fell flat on the backs.

They lay there on the cold, grated, metal floor of the TARDIS for a few hours untill the Doctor suddenly gasped awake.

He checked Martha over. She was still alive; just. He put her on her bed and left her there. He hoped for the best.


About a week later all was back to normal, well as normal as you could get when traveling with the Doctor!

He still had that slight burning sensation, and although nothing had happened since, he realised that it would probably be there forever.