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A good book, that was what she needed, a nice book and a cuppa, maybe some beligum chocolates as well. Rose shrugged, she hadn't found the Doctor anywhere, no where in fact. She wandered aimisly through the TARDIS corridors and the nice ship put the libary door in front of her. There was a grunting sound from inside, and a loud curse.

"DAMN!" it was the Doctor, Rose wondered what a earth he was doing in there. Remembering thier last encoutment with a pair of glasses and Fairy Liquid. Rose opened the door, and gasped, before bursting into fits of laughter.

The Doctor was sitting there with a piece of paper into tubes, and sitting with a pile of rolled up ones all over his lap.

"Is this what you've been doing all this time?" Rose laughed. The Doctor looked up startled, the paper rolls scattering all over the floor.

"Rose!" he whined.

"What are you doing?" she laughed harder.

"One of my quirks that I picked up from this generation. I've got a habbit of rolling up small pieces of paper! I can't help it!"

"Doctor how long have you been doin' that?"

"'Bout a hour or so..." he shrugged. Rose rolled her eyes and went to get a book. She sat in front of him on the really comfy sofa. Soon enough he had finshed rolling up his paper, and Rose completely missed that he dissapeared. She sighed and left the libary.

"One thing they are good for is throwing at people!" the Doctor almost made her wet herself as he tipped lodes of the paper rolls down her back. They got suck in her trousers and were really uncomfortable.

"DOCTOR!" ohh, he was good, really good. "I'm gonna get you back!"

"Yeah catch me if you can!" the Doctor ran into the consol room laughing his head off.

He was going to pay, really going to pay.


A/N: sorry about the quick finish, ma said I had to go to bed *shrugs* o.k. Reviews liked, (wanted).