Not a Happy Man

by Sceadu [Reviews - 3]

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  • Humor, General

He was not a happy man. He stood and looked down at himself in disgust. No matter how many angles he looked from, the image in the mirror did not improve. A little disappointment with a new body was not unusual but this time it was just plain wrong.

He had only just got used to the old body. It had felt comfortable ever since the first time he had woken up in that San Francisco morgue. At first he had thought the hair foppish and the eyes a little too blue. It had however, settled down nicely. People had found him charming, which made a change from the body before that. That one had despite its gentle Scottish burr and being rather small had frightened the hell out of everyone. He had originally thought it was the jumper or the hat but in the end he had realised it was the ever-present aura of doom that had followed him about that had been frightening.

Now with the body before that one it really was the clothes that were frightening. He now looked back at those years with peculiar embarrassment. What had ever possessed him to think that that outfit had been a good idea.

The body before that had been very comfortable. People had smiled at him and treated him like he was a human, which had made a change. The cricket balls had come in useful too.

The previous body to that one was not easily described. Nose, teeth, eyes and curls had seemed to be the description used by other people. He could not understand why, the nose had been a definite improvement of the previous model.

The previous model had been a bit like a light bulb, glittering away and overpowering all around him. Very unlike the hobbitesque frame that had preceded it.

In many ways that little body with the Beetle style mop of black hair had been his favourite. He had felt most himself in that one.

His first body was a bit worn out by the end and had been due for a trade in. It was a shame that he could hardly remember it ever being young.

Now he stood and looked at himself again in the mirror. Body number nine, ready for a new set of adventures. He would just have to get used to people calling him Madam but he could do without the in built Etheric Beam Locators.