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Author's Notes:
Just so random drabble that I thought up when I couldn't clean my glasses.... wonder if the Doctor has the same problem?

Oh yeah it's short and there's fluff, lots and lots of fluff... couldn't resit...

This was frustrating. Hours of working on the TARDIS and nothing had been fixed, even more frustrating his glasses were flithy. He'd tried everything. Nail polish, car wax, water, and even that old gold polish he'd brought off a camel train in New New Mexico.

"Grrrr!" the Doctor shouted angrily, as the glasses were covered in grime that would not budge. He slammed the glasses on the worksurface (the TARDIS made a soft surface for them to land on).

"In all of my generations I've never needed glasses, now I know why..." he sighed angrily, getting some Fairy Liquid out of the cuboard. He was sure the TARDIS was humoring him, just out of spite. Funny humour, he thought dryly. Squirting the Fairy Liquid on the glasses he wiped them on his shirt. Putting them back on, he almost shouted in annoyance. They were still filthy!!

"Oh for god's sake!" he took them off again.

"Doctor?" Rose poked her head around the kitchen door. He hid his glasses behind his back. Knocking the Fairy Liquid bottle off the worksurface.

"Anythin' up?"

"Nope," he pulled at the bottom of his left earlobe, going slightly red.

"Oh, there was a shouting and I - it's stupid," there was a awkard slience. "It must have been nothin'," she shrugged and left the room. The Doctor sighed heavily, bringing his glasses out from behind his back. Wondering what next to try and get the dirt, and now smeared Fairy Liquid off. He angrily slammed his glasses down on the worksurface again.

He picked up a bottle of shower cleaner (he had no idea where this had come from). "Clean or not clean?" he asked himslef, scratching the back of his head. "I wonder..." he tailed off, as he heard furious giggling from behind the kitchen door. It was Rose, she had been listening in!

Rose opened the door, to see a very red Doctor, holding shower cleaner in one hand and his glasses in the other. He looked like a small child who'd been caught out at doing something naughty.

"Y-y-you were trying to clean your glasses!" Rose burst out between giggles, clutching at her sides, and using a chair to lean on.

"It's not my fault!" the Doctor retorted, arms crossed. "First time in 900 years that I've had glasses."

"You could have just asked-"

"You don't even wear them? Why should I ask?"

"Honestly, you're just like a little kid, glasses no big deal."

He handed them over to her, and she looked through them, the Doctor was blury and flithy.

"How can you see anything through these?" she asked.

"I don't know! Ask the guy who created lenses!"

"Look." Rose was still grinning, she ran the tap over them and wiped them clean, the Doctor watched. She put them back on his face, standing back. "Cleaner now?"


"What did you put on them?" Rose was ready to giggle again.

"Nail polish, car wax, water," the Doctor was slowly going a deep red. "Insect repellant, gold pollish..."

Rose really did start laughing. "You fool!" she mimicked him. "To clean or not to clean, that is the question... Dun dun duuun!!!! The Doctor can't clean his glasses whats going to happen?"

"These glasses saved Queen Vic I have you know!"

Rose stepped closer to him. "I never said that you look very good lookin' in them did I?"

Her plan backfired when the Doctor stepped even closer to her. "Didn't you?" he asked, his voice suddenly low and husky. Rose slipped her arms around his neck.

"I didn't..." quick as a flash Rose had robbed his damn sexy looking glasses and stepped back. "Have to catch me first!"

"ROSE!" the Doctor roared. She was good, very good. He ran after the laughing Rose out of the kitchen and down the corridor.

He glasses were clean, and well nicked, but niether had remembered the Fairy Liquid in the sink or the tap running....