Rescuing Jack

by Bananaprincess [Reviews - 12]

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1. Chapter 1- Bored... [Reviews - 4] (86 words)
Short, I know, but I wanted to get it started. =D

Have fun with this one!

2. Chapter 2 - Kidnapped?! [Reviews - 3] (408 words)
Time to add a twist, 'cause I enjoy doing that. Harhar.

3. Chapter 3-Bored...again... [Reviews - 0] (91 words)
Random interlude, to get this going somewhere...

4. Grouping for exploring [Reviews - 0] (380 words)
You can pick your groups! Just leave me out... as many as you want but be careful that it doesn’t have people in an over group!

5. Chapter 5 - Geeks and Pterodactyls. [Reviews - 1] (423 words)
Can anyone see where this is headed? No? That's good, cause I can't either. :P

6. A New Shipper? [Reviews - 0] (401 words)
Ello all! I'm finally writing for ATAAOM! So, are u sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin.

7. The Soul Ripper [Reviews - 0] (610 words)
Me likes the Soul Ripper! I am going to have to use him again at some point! But anyway another plot twist!:P Hope you enjoy!!

8. One Hell of a Headache [Reviews - 0] (321 words)

9. Discovery [Reviews - 0] (580 words)
My turn to post a chapter! Cause, well, I'm bored!

10. Why Can't We Be Friends? [Reviews - 0] (556 words)
Here I go again! Thanks to RudeAndNotGinger for an excellent set up!

11. The city of Kalcore... or what it is now... [Reviews - 0] (399 words)
I may not be from this point of view... but i can still add! :P Anyway, a little bit about the Soul Ripper!

12. Chapter 12-Another new face [Reviews - 1] (540 words)
I hope ya'll don't mind me cutting in, but it just looked like so much fun!

13. Assets Anyone? [Reviews - 0] (448 words)
Let's go!

15. Maybe a virus wasnt a good idea? [Reviews - 1] (583 words)
My turn! Someone better add after this:P

16. PING! You Have Mail! [Reviews - 0] (1234 words)
Heh, I'm bored... so I figured I'd update...

18. We're Off To See The Ripper! [Reviews - 0] (653 words)
And shifting gears here for a second, we bring u back to the past.

19. On the Road Again [Reviews - 0] (765 words)
Sorry I haven't contributed in a while. I caught the bug my brother brought home and thought it best to not write while feverish.

20. A spy? [Reviews - 0] (428 words)
haha! lets get it spying in here! Lets get some spying in here!... *cough* :P Anyway... enjoy...

21. A Helping Hand [Reviews - 1] (965 words)
we now interupt the present to take you back to the past.

22. Kalcore Tourism [Reviews - 0] (899 words)
I just love the idea of this story, i had to add to it. Introducing...Me!