There is help out there.

by LostRose [Reviews - 1]

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  • Action/Adventure, Het

Having to sit through, well stand at the back, of Rose’s memorial service was the worst thing he ever had to go through. He was the first to leave, and walked through Powell estates back to the TARDIS, this time on his own. He was a Time Lord who had run out of time, how ironic was that? He kicked an empty bear can to get rid of his anger, it didn’t work. With heavy hearts he realised that he would have to clear out Rose’s and Jackie’s flat. He reached the TARDIS and was about to put the key into the lock when he stopped as someone was shouting at him.

“John!” a person called his name, woman actually. He turned to see Shireen running towards him. He groaned inwardly.

“Yeah?” he tried to look happy, Shireen wasn’t convinced.

“I can’t believe you I mean Rose’s partner! Walking off—”

“Hang on what did you just say?”

Shireen sighed. “Come on, it was obvious you were living

“Wait, wait,” the Doctor lent against the TARDIS, pulling a hand down his face, he knew that going to her service was a bad idea.

“Anyway you’ve got to clear out her flat,”

He knew that was coming to.

Well then?” Shireen crossed her arms over her chest. The Doctor sighed.

“Fine, just be a minuet.” He quickly went into the TARDIS,
he tried the dematerialisation sequence, but she wouldn’t let him go.

Doctor she’s right, the TARDIS said gently. The Doctor sighed. He left the consol and walked back out, locking the door behind him.