I've Missed You.

by ladymako71 [Reviews - 4]

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  • Slash

Author's Notes:
If God and RTD love us, then this is what that reunion scene later in Series 3 is going to look like!

Martha felt unusually warm in the console room. They’d landed briefly and picked someone up that the Doctor knew. Captain Jack Harkness. American from the sounds of it and gorgeous Martha thought as she watched the two study each other. What happened next sent her body temperature soaring.

The Doctor flashed the puppy eyes at Jack as he apologized for the Game Station and Jack reacted the only way he knew how. His hands shot up lightening fast to grab handfuls of thick brown hair as he pulled the Doctor in. The Doctor sunk one of his own hands in Jack’s dark hair the other snaking low around Jack’s waist.

Martha’s jaw dropped as she watched the two passionately kiss each other, tongues, and mouths working up to a fever pitch as they fought for dominance. If she was going to die, Martha could think of no way better then watching these two beautiful men snog each other senseless.

One of them moaned, she wasn’t sure which one, but she found herself entranced as she caught glimpses of tongue. Martha swallowed hard when she realised that they had pressed themselves to each other almost entirely. No space between them.

She’d never been more grateful to be witness to the Doctor’s oral fixation as she was now. Jack broke the kiss first, his head falling back with a moan and the Doctor took full advantage of this. His mouth descending hungrily on Jack’s exposed throat. Martha stumbled back against the railing and leaned on it for support as she watched the Doctor make love with his mouth to Jack’s Adams apple.

It was by far the most erotic thing she had ever been witness to. She knew that she was breathing hard and it only got worse when she realised that they were grinding their hips against each other. She should leave them alone, she knew that but she couldn’t move, the vision before her far to intoxicating. They finally broke apart, foreheads together and breathing heavily.

“I’ve missed you.” It was said so softly that Martha had no idea, which one said it, and she honestly didn’t care. Her heart was racing and she was feeling light headed. Whoever this Captain Jack person she thought, he was more then welcome to stay. So long as she was witness to more moments like that.