Look After Him For Me?

by ladymako71 [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
Over on live journal, mzimmy drew a lovely sketch and I felt compelled to write a piece for it. This is as close to a Doomsday fic as you will get out of me and a catharsis of sorts as well. Lately some of the more avid Rose/Ten shippers have bothered me with their abject hatred towards Martha as a character. Enough that I was to the point of 'Oh God here we go again' whenever I saw anything on the flist referring to Rose. Not now though. =)

It was bleak where she was, some cold shore in the middle of nowhere. Martha had no idea where. She couldn’t feel the wind whipping around her. Looking around she saw someone in the distance. A girl from the looks of things and she knew instantly that she must reach the lonely figure staring out at the churning water. As Martha ran towards her she felt a desperate aching loneliness threatening to crush her. Tears sprang to her eyes and blurred her vision.

In the distance the girl turned and Martha screamed for her to stay. The girl didn’t move she just stood there waiting for her. As she got closer Martha noticed the wild gales for the first time. Finally, her chest tight from exertion, she reached the girl and fell into her arms. “I’ve got you.” The girl replied softly, rubbing Martha’s back as the two held onto each other desperately fighting back the vast feeling of alone.

“Who are you?” Martha asked.

“Rose.” Came the melancholy reply. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Why?” It was then that Martha took a really good look at her. Rose had tears in her own eyes. “Why me?”

“I have a favour to ask of you.” Rose said. Martha’s brow furrowed in confusion and Rose sniffled a little.

“The Doctor.” Rose choked. “Look after him for me, please?”

“He won’t let me…” Martha started to explain but Rose interrupted her with a sad laugh.

“He’s a stubborn bastard alright. I won’t argue with you there, but he needs you.” Rose explained. “He’s a bloody liar if he says he prefers to be alone. He’s too gregarious for that.” Both girls shared a sob then. “Just take care of him, that’s all I ask. I love him to much to let him wallow in misery the way he’s been doing lately.”

“Okay.” Martha whispered. “I will. I promise.”

“Thanks.” Rose smiled. Tears streaming down her face.

The two held on to each other in defiance of the storm building around them, trying to comfort the other as they both felt heartache for the same man.

Martha woke with a start. Her face was damp with tears and her breathing ragged. It had been a dream. Just a dream. A very vivid and aching dream she realised. She crawled out of bed and felt around in the darkened room for her slippers. She couldn’t go back to sleep after that and decided that tea would be a really good idea at the moment. Martha let out a surprised yelp when she opened the door and the Doctor was there, about to knock. He took one look at her and crushed her into a hug. Martha lost it all over again and wept into his shoulder as he held her tight.

After a few minutes, she calmed down and the Doctor led her to the kitchen intent on getting her a cup of tea and getting her to talk about what had upset her. Martha only said that she had had a very intense dream and blamed fluctuating hormones for her breakdown upon seeing him. He knew she wasn’t telling him the whole truth but let it slide.

“I promised her I’d look after you.” Martha said after a long while.

“Who?” Martha only described the girl from her dream she didn’t say her name. “Rose.” He sighed. So she was right she thought. That had been the mysterious Rose. They fell into a companionable silence after that. Martha would look up and see the Doctor glancing at a wall, almost like he was studying it but saying nothing. When she saw the glint of tears she reached across the table and took his hand in hers. He gave her a small smile of thanks.