Doctor's David

by LostRose [Reviews - 4]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Het

David was reading through his script in the last few minuets before rehearsals. They went through this every single time, why couldn’t he just get on with it? He had been more irritable and snappy since Billie had left. He sighed and re-looked at his script.,

“Jiggery-pokery, what kind of a word is that?” he asked himself. He grumbled and pulled a hand through his hair it was just a thing that he’d got from his character. Freama was nice. Freama Angyman. But not the same. He grinned to himself. Oh why couldn’t his character have a proper Scottish accent?

“Come on then! Shoot me! What are you waiting for?” he read the line, trying to get the frustration into his voice, it wasn’t easy. He thought of something at really pissed him off, Billie leaving. Retrying the line he found that it made it much better. He grinned to himself. Suddenly behind him there was the sound of a rasp that only the special effects could make on the computers, and one he had heard to many times before on the show. There was a gust of wind and the script flew off his desk.

“Shit!” his curse was mirrored with exactly the same accent from inside the blue box that had just landed. He spun round, the reactions that it took him were fast, thanks to him playing the Doctor.

“Oh, very funny.” He laughed. “Great one, just wait till the guys hear this.”

“Damn work, please, look now you’ve reduced me to begging.” David was intrigued as he heard a yelp of pain. He pushed open the door.