A Relaxing Day at the Zoo

by D Leigh [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • None

Author's Notes:
I love crackfic. So, at the time_and_chips community on LJ, there was a challenge ages ago, to write a drabble based on your default icon. I got carried away and continued writing for other icons.

It ends abruptly, but I only had 100 words. D:

This drabble is based on this icon:

Which is derived from this work of awesome

His Rose had wanted a fun and relaxing adventure, as opposed to the fun and life-threatening adventures they typically encountered.

She had decided that nothing could possibly go amuck at a zoo, and so he had taken her to the New New New San Diego zoo, the best zoo in all of time and space.

As it usually happened, something went amuck, and the Doctor and Rose found themselves surrounded by very large crocodiles, with very large teeth.

Backed into a corner resembling many other corners they'd been cornered in, the Doctor grasped Rose's hand.

"Well. This is relaxing," Rose snarled.

The Doctor pouted. "I didn't choose to visit a zoo!"

"Well, what are you gonna do?! Those crocodiles will stone cold eat a bitch!"