The Enemies

by TimeLord89 [Reviews - 12]

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He had been such a lonely child, always hiding away from society.
In fact, he'd only ever had one friend, one true friend, and that had been a long time ago.

He sat in his chair, silent, melancholy. Thinking about times long since dead.
He remembered the haunting nightmares he used to have.
The hideous feelings that rage deep inside him, trying to over take him.
His malevolent glee when he saw people in pain.

Eventually, his life had been eaten away, eaten away by the evil that burned within. But from the rotting corpse of his dead soul had risen a new man, fresh, active.

His desire to conquer was what now drove his being, the evil taking a permanent place in his wicked hearts.
He was superior, cold, dangerous.
A survivor, who refused to play by the rules of life.

This reincarnated man gave himself a new name to celebrate a new beginning.

He was the Master.