More like themselves

by Bananaprincess [Reviews - 2]

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  • Fluff, Het

Author's Notes:
Random little piece of fluff...cause I was bored.

‘The whole of Space and Time to choose from, and you show me this?’ Rose Tyler said, annoyed. She’d had to wrap up warm for this, and since she hadn’t thought that they would go anywhere warm, she’d had to borrow one of the Doctor’s coats, and jumpers.
Not that she’d minded. It had been warm, and smelt faintly like him, like paper, and chalk, and…something else that she couldn’t put her mind on.
But wearing a pale green jumper and a brown coat was definitely not going to be the next year’s fashion.
And they had to come to a desolate rock in the middle of nowhere. She stretched a yawn, her golden hair falling to her shoulders.
The Doctor smiled at her. ‘Just you wait, Rose Tyler, just you wait.’
He pointed towards the horizon with one finger, towards a small-ish star. ‘That is this planets equivalent of Polaris. The Pole Star. And in,’ he looked at his thick and bulky watch. ‘Ooh, about one minute, a comet is going to come through, and light up the whole sky.’
She smiled at him. ‘So…’
‘This only happens every 123 000 000 years, I’ll have you know!’
Still smiling, she grabbed hold of his arm, and placed it around her shoulders. She clung on to him, cold in spite of the warm clothes.
He looked faintly shocked, but somehow pleased, and he hugged her back.
‘Come on…’ he muttered. ‘Just about…Now!’
The whole sky was ablaze with rainbow coloured lights that danced around them, encircling them in shining lights that made them look amazing. Surprised, but wonderful. Not of this Universe, maybe not of any Universe.
Rose looked at the Doctor, who was staring up at the sky, enraptured. His gloriously brown eyes looked deeper, and darker than usual, and he wore a great big smile.

He looked at her. Her hair was like golden fire, and her hazel eyes were burning, like she had looked when she had swallowed the vortex. But this looked…more natural. She looked happy, and her smile was beautiful. She looked more like Rose than she ever had before.

And Rose noticed, that the Doctor look more like him, than he had in the short time that she had known him.
She closed her eyes, wanting to preserve that memory in her head forever.
When she opened them again, the comet shower (or whatever it had been), was over. Gone. But the memory still remained.
The Doctor was beaming at her, and she smiled back.
‘What was that comet called?’ she asked.
‘Oh, I don’t know. Something strange, like Alpha-Z-001-Beta.’ he babbled.
‘It should have a beautiful name, to match itself.’ she thought out loud.
He grinned, full of energy. ‘And that’s why I’m going to go back to when it was recorded on the Galactic Records, and change it to something beautiful…Something like Rose.’
She muffled a laugh, and hit him over the head.
‘Hey! What was that for?’ he asked, indignantly.
‘Stop teasing me!’
He smiled, again, and took her hand. ‘I assure you, Rose Marion Tyler that I was not.’