City of Stars

by Bananaprincess [Reviews - 5]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Het

Author's Notes:
A short Rose/10 fanfic, because I was bored, and felt like writing some fluff.

She looks out of the window, and watches the stars. Shining, glittering, in a midnight-blue sea.
And she remembers a dark night, so long ago.

The Doctor lay down in the long grass, smiling, happily. Rose lay next to him, her golden hair blowing about in the night wind.
‘So which of these have we been to?’ she asked, innocently.
He heaved himself up onto his elbows, and took her arm.
‘Well, we’ve been to that one,’ he said, pointing at a small star, far, far away. ‘Remember? That planet where they were chasing you, because I told you to take their chocolate stores…’
She laughed at the memory. ‘Oh yeah.’ She smiled at him. ‘So tell me, oh great Timelord, where else have we been?’
He laughed too, and took out his glasses, letting go of Rose’s arm, to perch them on his nose.
With a brown-suited arm, he pointed at a large, red star. ‘And that one, where they thought that I was a god.’
‘And what a brilliant god you would be.’ she said, the sarcasm clear.
He pretended to not realise that she was being sarcastic. ‘Thanks.’
She smiled, and whacked him on the arm.
‘Hey!’ he said, indignantly. But he was smiling.
They laid there, for a moment, together, with the long grass waving about them, their eyes closed.
And then the Doctor moved, starting the process of getting up.
‘Hey.’ she said, without opening her eyes. ‘Don’t move.’
‘Why shouldn’t I?’ the Doctor whispered, impatient to get moving. ‘Give me one reason.’
Rose opened her hazel eyes, and knelt. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him.
He was surprised, but kissed her back.
When he pulled away, he spoke. ‘That’s a good reason.’
She took his hand, and followed him back into the TARDIS.
Behind them, the moon shines on, through the dark sky.

Rose looks at the stars, the same ones that the Doctor pointed out to her. And cries.