Faded Postcard

by MrBrightside [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
Random inspiration is awesome ;-)

Jack didn't get post too often, his parents having redirected all their mail to their new address. The odd bank statement, the occassional junk mail. Except those rare times, those flashes of hope, when something real drops onto the doormat.

It was Summer Break for Jack and James. James had been forced to go on a road trip with his parents. Jack was, regrettably, staying at home. One of the flashes of hope bloomed in the last week of the holidays. Warmth spread through Jack's heart when he saw what was lying on the doormat.

Sloping down late one morning, a splash of colour drew Jack's attention to the floor. It was a postcard. Turning it over, Jack slowly sat on the stairs.

Dearest Jack,
I had to get back to you. I love you so much. I miss you so much that I had to get away from here. Remember that I love you and always will.
See you sooner than you think,
Your James < 3

"Strange, no postmark..." Jack commented to himself. The doorbell shocked him out of his ponderings. Frowning, he heaved himself up and opened the front door, "No way," Jack breathed.

Standing in front of him was a tanned, grinning James. Enveloped in a hug, James breathed in Jack's scent. Home.

Jack looked at the sun-bleached, faded postcard, and pinned it on the wall.