The Kh@s

by Fizzix [Reviews - 4]

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1. Spelling Lessons and Meeting Species [Reviews - 3] (1483 words)
Disclaimer: The Doctor Who goodness is, alas (but to the positive benefit of the franchise), not mine. That belongs to the BBC, and I thank them. And point out that I’m not making money. That bit’s important. Furthermore, the myth of cats having nine lives: similarly not mine. As I’m grinning evilly at the moment, you’ll read on to find out more about this. However, the kh@s (that’s plural of kh@, for those who are wondering) are mine. Don’t steal them, as I find them rather witty.
Author’s Notes: If you despise homonyms, just leave now. Not giving you another warning. I have been looking to get the good Doctor a cat for a while now.

2. Name Games and Coincidence [Reviews - 1] (1227 words)
Short, but it needed to be posted. Bad jokes, reactions, and injury lead to the next segment of the Kh@ chronicles.