Alternate Doomsdays

by Fizzix [Reviews - 9]

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1. Introductory Note (Long) [Reviews - 2] (622 words)
Standard Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, it's good for the series that the BBC does and I don't. I don't own Doomsday, but I do own these rather... different endings.

2. The Original Ending - Doomsday [Reviews - 2] (4565 words)
(I. hate. linebreaks. Sorry. Just, you know, these are so much easier to put in when you're typing it, and I forget. >.> (And yes. About halfway through, I recalled the copy/paste function))

3. Re-write One: Switched [Reviews - 3] (1287 words)
Ten's POV, mild angst, mild warm fuzzies, those with soft hearts, bring a box of tissues. (I think.)

4. Re-write Two: Hell [Reviews - 1] (387 words)
Meh, Sorry about two saddish chaps in a row, but you're getting them fast. Rose POV. Mild sadness.

5. Re-write Three: "What about the TARDIS?" [Reviews - 1] (1663 words)