Until you say it

by Bananaprincess [Reviews - 6]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst, Het, Poetry

Author's Notes:

The Doctor stood there, smiling slightly, but faded, like a pair of jeans that had been through the wash too many times. Rose tried to smile back, but her heart was breaking at the sight of him.
He had returned.

Miles and miles separate us
Yet, somehow, you return to me
I don't know, whether this is true
Or another of my hallucinations

“There's five of us now.” Rose blurted out. "Mum, Dad, Mickey...and the baby."
The Doctor frowned slightly. “You're not?”
Rose closed her eyes. Did he want it to be true? And who did he think its father was? She opened her eyes to see him curious, nothing more.
“No.” she forced out, tears running down her face. “It's Mum.”

I know I can’t expect you
To remember me for all time
To love me, freely
As I do you

“Here you are, living your life, day after day. The one adventure I could never have.” Rose looked at him, chewing her sleeve. Of course. How could she have been so stupid?
He would have never settled down with her, not even if he loved her back. Domestic was not his thing. She should have guessed it. The way he joked with her on Krop Tor, hinted at it. But she had thought that he was just being silly.
And Mum would never have liked it, the two of them in the TARDIS for all eternity. She would be banging on about them never seeing her, never having a house warming. No, it just wasn’t respectable.
This was for the best.

You are a wanderer
My lonely angel
Not staying in the same place for long
I could never, never do that to you

“On your own?”
“Yeah.” The Doctor replied.
Rose’s heart felt like it was breaking. She wanted to scream, to shout, to cling on to him. For him to hug her, and make it right, as he always did. But he couldn’t fix this.
As the tears poured down her face, in a eternal floodwater, she took a deep breath. “I-...I love you.”
She memorized his face. His deep brown eyes, his tufty hair. The way he half-smiled, and tried to ignore it.
But, he had to reply sometime. “Quite right too.” He laughed slightly. “And, I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it…Rose Tyler,”
In mid-sentence, he faded, and the familiar sound of the TARDIS could be heard, rising and falling.
Rose stared at the empty spot, where he had been. What had he been going to say?
I love you? I’ll miss you? Wait for me, I’ve found a way back?
But now she’d never know.
Her insides numb, she turned to her family. They smiled at her, encouragingly. But from the way that their faces looked, they hadn’t heard a thing.
She turned on the spot, wiping her tears.
“Goodbye Doctor”. she whispered
The aqua-blue waves lapped against the shore, in a relentless rhythm. “Rose…Rose…Rose...”

Gone forever
Only the memories remain
I, wish I’d told you long before
Our eternal parting

The way that you make me feel
New, and innocent
We were made, to last forever
But, now, I shall wait, until you say it.