1. Chapter 1: A Hand to Hold [Reviews - 0] (465 words)
This fic was written as a present for my Husband, and it's the first fanfic I've written in years. So, like a timorous beastie, I'll post the parts here when I'm done with them and then go hide. (beta read by the mighty Eideann) Part 1 takes place during "Rose"

2. Chapter 2: A Red Bicycle [Reviews - 2] (573 words)
Here's chapter two, which takes place during/after "Father's Day." You will find that each of these chapters are stand alone vignettes. (beta read by Eideann) Hope you like it. Chapter 3 will be slightly longer.

3. Chapter 3: A Kiss to Save Her Life [Reviews - 1] (1041 words)
Here's part 3, where things get a bit more angsty. Thanks continue to go to my fabulous beta, Eideann. This part takes place during "Parting of the Ways."