by Gwyneth [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
A another random plot bunny that hit me during P.E. (must be all that fresh air!) lol
Anyways, enjoy! =D

Rose came into the console room to find the Doctor under the control panel “fixing” the TARDIS. She sighed and shook her head. If he ever was actually fixing something, then she would lose £50 to Mickey. She knew one day Mickey would have to pay up.

‘Doctor? Come out of your little hidey-hole and help me make some dinner!’ Rose said as she bent over peering down at him. Rose couldn’t stop herself from thinking how irresistibly cute he looked with his hair all ruffled and smudges of oil (or whatever fluid it is that the TARDIS uses) speckled all over his face, barely covering his many freckles.

The Doctor groaned, ‘Do I have to?’ he asked looking up at her pleadingly. She smiled at the look on his face but still she nodded her head.

‘Yes, you do. I’m cooking a lobster — and it’s a live one, so I need plenty of help!’ Rose said extending her hand to help the Doctor up.

‘I don’t like lobster!’ The Doctor said, choosing to ignore Roses hand.

‘Yes you do. I know you do! Now get up and get into that kitchen!’ Rose barked, mock sternly.

‘Yes, ma’am!’ The Doctor replied getting up and saluting her. He then marched off towards the kitchen with Rose following him shouting commands of, ‘Left! Right! Left! Right!’

Once they had finally made it to the kitchen, the Doctor looked around for this “live lobster” Rose had mentioned earlier on, but he couldn’t spot it. ‘Erm, Rose? That lobster, was it supposed to be in that tank of water over there?’

‘Yes,’ Rose replied not bringing her head out of the cupboard that she was currently searching through, ‘why?’

‘Oh, err, only because the particular tank in question is EMPTY!’ The Doctor informed Rose, screeching the last word at her.