A Matter of Trust Owens POV

by Outside Edge [Reviews - 5]

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Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I merely borrow them from time to time.

Note: Some mild swearing in true Owen Harper style!


So the teaboy's gonna kill our illustrious leader.
I'd like to see him try.
That cyberbitch tried it and look where it got her -pterodactyl kebab!

Nah, Ianto hasn't got the balls to carry that little number off. I mean look at him now, creeping around, trying to make us feel sorry for him. Poor Ianto, hid his monster in the basement and got found out, never mind that he almost got the lot of us killed in the process.

Mind you, brought me and Gwen together, literally, although I could have chosen a better venue than the mortuary locker — number 3 storeroom for example. God, she's a right kisser, I wonder what she's like a bed? What's that boyfriends name, Ross, Rice, something like that, some poncy Welsh name. Does something in transport — Eddie Stobart eat your heart out!

Oh God, here comes the teaboy again. Face like a wet weekend, typical Welsh the. Have I finished with my cup?, 'No I bloody well haven't, I happen to like cold coffee, now sod off. ' He's beginning to give me the creeps.

Oh bloody hell, here comes Jack. Better look busy, his fuse has got shorter this week, like he blames us all for this. Keep your head down Owen.

Was going to do an autopsy on the bodies.
But can't be arsed.
Cause of death — Death by Torchwood.