Author's Notes:
Again soz about SP i don't have a bata. but please please do comment just not about SP's.

And yes I’m sad enough to get in to character when i righting so much so when i read it back i don't think i rote it... and yes the one did almost make me cry.

Here lies Captain Jack.

God… that beautiful strong body… No! Not body, man I meant man! He’s still a man. He’s still Captain Jack Harkness, still the man I lov… God I can’t!
I hate this. Hate that he’s gone.
Look at him once so… so warm and strong full of life, now wrapped in a white plastic body bag, every part of the old Jack is gone… Where did he go?
He’s not him any more. Not my Captain or my love any more he’s just a shell another hollow hall in an empty Torchwood hub… Jack Harkness is dead.

I need to go! I can’t stand here with the others because I can’t stop my bottom lip from trembling and I can’t hold back the tears that burn the back of my eyes like acid from rolling down my cheeks. I don’t want to stand here next to his pale lifeless face. T lest if I’m somewhere else its easier to myself. If I can’t see him, this never happened.

I need to go I have work to do. I need to go into his office and straiten the papers he left in a heap, tidy that bomb site he calls a desk, make everyone coffee, tell them it will be ok… Who am I kidding?

I’m going to go to his office surround myself in his thing and lose myself in his beloved coat… that way he’s still here me… and the others won’t see… I can be strong for them… God I’ve got to go!