Author's Notes:
Translated from French. Very approximately. Note- Jess is DarkAngel, and is in my French class. Hence why she's in it.

Last Wednesday, Jess and I went to Cardiff. We woke up at 5.30am because it was a very long day. We ate our breakfast very quickly and after that we went to the train station.

"Two tickets for Cardiff, please," Jess said.

"That's... £73.94, please, miss," the man replied. We didn't have the right money, so I called my mum, and she sent the money via text.

When Jess and I arrived at Cardiff, we went to the Torchwood Hub. We didn't know the way, so we got a taxi. It was snowing in Cardiff, so there was a lot of traffic.

"Ally! Jess!" Ianto said when we arrived. Jack, Tosh, Gwen and Owen entered the room, and they were ready to go to Mermaid Quay for pizza. We took the Torchwood SUV, and we song along with the radio.

At Mermaid Quay, we went into Pizza Express. The pizzas were delicious, and then we ate big chocolate cakes. When we went back to the Hub, it wasn't snowing, it was nice weather.

We went to bed at 9.00pm, because we were very tired.

Overall, it was a really, really, really good visit, and I hope Jess and I can go to Cardiff again. I love Cardiff!

Only problem is, where else is there to sleep other than Jack's bed?