Author's Notes:
its not gr8 im an imaganitive girl but i cant write

Im sick of this, of them, they take me for granted, I want to forget, you, but Jack wont leave me alone. He stopped sleeping with me since Gwen and him fell in love, im glad, I hated him, it was like rape. I hate him for that and for him acting the way he does he’s a liar.
I hate Gwen, newbie, doesn’t belong here she’s a bitch I want to push her off a building, she’s worse than jack the slut I should have shot her when I had the chance
Tosh the know it all and Owen the bastard I wish they would just die.
I love you Lisa. Haws heaven? Ok im going to do it, im going to forget, and im running away.
Love Ianto

Ianto ran out of the hub stopping only ones to pick up his car keys and a tub of recon, he ran to his car and drove, he drove and drove until he reached a band b about 200 miles away and then, in the safety of his room he opened the new bottle and her dosed himself with recon, so much recon, he would forget, forget 10 years. Forget torchwood, Lisa, he still thought he was an accountant working from home.
About an hour later Jack went upstairs to the tourist office, he wanted coffee and Ianto was the only coffee making person around.
"Ianto?" called Jack looking round and not finding him, he noticed a letter on his desk, the name on the front read: Lisa Jack looked and Ianto car was gone. He picked up the letter and took it down to Gwen, toshiko and Owen.
"Shall I open it?" said jack
"You have to " said Owen and toshiko.
"And Gwen what do you think"
"Only if its going to help.... yes"
"Ok I will,” said Jack tapping the letter in his hands
"Go on then" said Owen
"I will" he looked at the letter, daring himself to open it but he couldn't, he knew Lisa, she tried to kill him, and something told him that this letter was not good. He looked at Gwen.
"Shall I?" she asked and he immediately gave her it while she rolled her eyes, she opened the letter reading it, the others watching her face for an expression, half way through reading glens face fell and she looked upset, Jack felt a knot rise in his stomach, he hated her being upset, as she finished reading, she ripped the letter up and tears dripped down her cheeks, she stood up and walked away storming out of the hub and sitting on a bench outside. Jack followed and Owen put the letter back together again reading it to Tosh.
"No wonder she’s upset that’s awful" whispered Tosh
Meanwhile jack walked up behind Gwen who was shivering.
"Your cold" more of a statement than a question
"I didn’t grab my coat" jack took his off and draped it over her shoulders