We're Hers

by Aibhinn [Reviews - 12]

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Author's Notes:
Written for Gillian Taylor and WMR as a forfeit fic for stumping me in my "Stump the Author" meme. Sorry, ladies, for taking so long, but the drabble I promised turned into an 11-page story. Gillian asked for Jack and Jackie meeting, and WMR wanted to see Rose punishing the Doctor and Jack. Not sure if this exactly meets your requirements; it sort of ran away with me. Unbetaed.

"You had to do it, didn't you?" the Doctor said, disgusted. He leaned his hip against the console, arms crossed over his chest, one leg crossed in front of the other.

"I didn't mean anything by it!" Jack protested weakly from the jump seat, though his tone had a note of guilt in it.

"You just couldn't control yourself. You had to flirt with Jackie Tyler."

"She's a lovely woman," Jack said defensively. "And she's Rose's mother. And she invited us into her home–"

"And she's breathing and got a pulse, and that's good enough for you," the Doctor finished, an edge to his voice.

"Well, how was I to know her friend would come in and we'd get invited to a Halloween party?" Jack retorted. "Besides, you never know. It could be fun." He grinned. "Maybe I could run back to the wardrobe room–there's a pirate outfit that would look great on me."

"Oh, no." the Doctor snapped. "I'm not letting you out of my sight, mate. Not until we've got through this. I'm not taking the chance of you swanning off and leaving me to go to this party thing alone." He could still refuse to go, he reasoned. Could tell Rose he had work to do on the TARDIS. Important maintenance stuff. Vital. But he knew it wouldn't do any good; Rose hadn't been to a party with her friends in months–well over a year by her friends' reckoning–and she wanted to go. It was the suspicion that Jimmy Stone would be there that had made up the Doctor's mind for him–no way was he letting Rose anywhere near that bloke without being right at her shoulder, looking impressive and intimidating.

"Doctor, you know I wouldn't do that," Jack said with an uncharacteristically serious note to his voice. "We're together, the three of us." He flashed a sudden, familiar grin. "Besides, I may finally get to buy you that drink."

The Doctor was ready to retort when Rose came into the console room. She wore a very, very brief pair of red, sequined shorts, a fitted and very low-cut matching red top, black fishnet stockings, and red leather boots. On her head was a set of toy devil's horns. She swayed across the grating towards them, tongue between her teeth, completely aware of what she was doing to their ability to concentrate. Or swallow. Or breathe, the Doctor realised as his respiratory bypass kicked in. He managed a breath somehow.

"What do you think?" Rose asked impishly, turning round so they could see the whole effect.

The Doctor kept his mouth shut, as he was fairly certain the most coherent sound he'd be able to make would be something along the lines of 'guh'. Jack, being Jack, managed to recover much more swiftly. "Oh, very nice," he said appreciatively, his voice a good half-octave lower than usual. He slid off the jump seat and started toward her, hands out to take her in his arms.

But Rose stepped back and held up her hand. Jack stopped, and the Doctor frowned. "What?" Jack asked, taken aback.

"There are rules for tonight," she said.

"Rules?" the Doctor asked disbelievingly. "You've convinced me to come to a party with you, and you're setting rules?"

"Oh yeah." She shifted her weight onto her left foot, letting her right hip drop and putting her hands on her hips. "First off, my mum's going to be there since she was invited as well, so it's hands off. Me and each other. At least, where she can see."

"What?" Jack protested.

"Second," she went on, ignoring him, "No hovering. No standing behind me scaring everyone off. No blue-eyed Glares of Doom from across the room. No taking friends of mine out back and 'convincing' them that I'm off-limits."

"What, we're supposed to just let the blokes at this club put their grubby hands all over you?" the Doctor said, incensed. The very idea of anyone but Jack touching his Rose was enough to make him fume.

"Unless and until I ask for help, yeah." She glared at both of them. "I've spent the last three stops with the two of you practically in my pockets, and I've had enough. I don't know what's more insulting–you thinking I can't take care of myself, or you thinking you have to be right with me all the time to keep me from running off with some other bloke."

The Doctor glanced at Jack, who was glancing at him. The guilt in Jack's eyes mirrored his own. They had been hovering, he had to admit though not for either of the reasons she said. It was just that they wanted to be with her, wanted her safe.

"My mates are going to be at this party," she went on. "Friends I've known for ages. And other people too, of course. Keep an eye on me, fine. Watch to be sure no one knocks me out or drags me off or anything, brilliant. But nothing else. Understand?" She waited for their silent assent, then moved closer to Jack. "Mum told me you were flirting with her," she said, with a saucy grin. "Said you were a lovely bloke and wasn't I lucky, travelling with you? So I told her you'd be happy to escort her to the party tonight."

Oh, now that was just low, the Doctor thought, though Jack didn't seem entirely upset by it. Still, with a grin that matched Rose's, Jack said, "And if I'm a good boy and do exactly as I'm told? What then?"

A corner of Rose's mouth curled slowly upward. "Then I might let you find out for certain whether I'm wearing knickers or not," she purred. Stepping away from Jack, she sauntered toward the doors. "You two coming?" she called without turning round.

"Not yet, beautiful, but give me a chance and I'll make sure you do first," Jack responded, already moving. The Doctor just shook his head and followed.


There was dancing. Or at least, what passed for dancing in this time. Rose had abandoned Jack and the Doctor and been dragged off onto the dance floor with her mates early on, and Jackie had followed suit with Jack. The Doctor was left at a table off to the side, with a glass of water and a clear view of Rose–which was all he wanted.

She danced and laughed and joked around with her friends for much of the night, which made him smile; he loved watching her enjoy herself. A couple of blokes approached her at different times, and while she danced with both of them, after a song or two apiece, she always shook her head and stepped away, and the blokes left with at least minimally good grace. Both times, she turned to catch his eye; both times she gave him the slow, soft, warm smile that she'd only ever given him and Jack. You've nothing to worry about from them, the smile said, along with Thank you for giving me some space and the ever-present I love you. He smiled back at her, giving her his own silent answers: I never doubted you, I love you too.

Rose had just turned back to her friends when Jack and Jackie returned to the table, out of breath. "Whew!" Jack said, collapsing into a chair beside the Doctor as Jackie sat down on Jack's other side. "They take their dancing seriously here."

"Nah," the Doctor said, sipping his water. "Now, Victorian England took their dancing seriously. Very seriously. The Regency era as well–did you know you had to have special permission to be able to dance the waltz in public?"

"Permission?" Jackie repeated. "From who?"

He shrugged. "The women at the head of the London social circles. It was a very bad idea to cross them, if you were a member of that class. They could literally ruin your life with a word."

"Glad I didn't live back then," Jackie muttered.

The Doctor looked at Jack. "Having fun?"

"Oh, yeah. Having a blast. Jackie's a great date." Jack wrapped his arm around the older woman's shoulders and squeezed gently, and Jackie giggled. "I was thinking about going to get us each a drink, Doctor. Can I, er, buy you anything?" His eyes twinkled.

"Nah," the Doctor said, chuckling. "Though you might see if Rose is ready to come back for a rest." He craned his neck to find the spot where she'd been a moment before, but she wasn't there. Frowning, he scanned the rest of the room: no Rose. "Can you see her?" he asked Jack.

Jack turned his attention to the dance floor, his face becoming serious. "No, can't see her anywhere."

"She was just there," the Doctor said. "Just before you came back. I saw her." He rose, hoping height would make it easier to see.

"Maybe she went to the ladies'," Jackie suggested.

"She'd have had to pass us, wouldn't she?" Jack asked. "It's back that way." He jerked his head toward the entrance, the opposite direction from where Rose had been.

"Still could have gone past in the crowd and we didn't notice." Jackie also stood. "You wait here in case she comes back. I'll go check the ladies'."

The Doctor felt a surge of gratitude towards Jackie as she walked away. "Rose is probably fine," he said to Jack, more trying to convince himself than anything.

"Hell yeah," Jack agreed, though his eyes never stopped scanning the dance floor. "She's brilliant, clever, and in a room full of her friends. Hardly likely anything could happen to her here."

But even as he was still speaking, a young, beautiful black girl dressed in an outfit came racing up, wringing her hands. "You Rose's friends?" she asked.

"Yeah," Jack said just before the Doctor could. "What's wrong?"

"It's him," she said, face a mask of worry. "He showed up out of nowhere and told her he wanted to talk to her. I told her not to go with him, he was always bad news, but she said she could spare him a few minutes and went off with him–"

"Who?" the Doctor demanded, just as Jack asked, "Where?"

"Jimmy Stone!" she all but sobbed. "And they went out that way, towards the service alley." She pointed off toward the back of the pub.

The Doctor was up and moving immediately. Behind him, he heard Jack say to the girl, "When Rose's mum gets back, tell her where we've gone but don't let her follow, all right? Tell her we'll handle it. Hold her back if you have to." A moment later, the ex-conman was by his side again, matching him stride for stride as they weaved their way through the dancers in the shortest path to the door Rose's friend had indicated.

"Got your blaster?" the Doctor asked.

"No. Left it back in the TARDIS. Too anachronistic." His tone revealed his irritation at himself. "Stupid."

"No worries. Just means we'll do this the old-fashioned way."

"You know Rose won't be happy if we beat up her ex-boyfriend," Jack said conversationally.

"Tough," the Doctor growled. "I've been wanting to take care of this bloke for a long time. An' if he's hurt Rose, he'll be lucky if all I do is beat him up."

"Just leave some for me," Jack said, shoving against the crash-bar and opening the door to the cool autumn night. The Doctor followed, surveying the alley to the left while Jack looked right. Nothing, not even a stray cat.

"Nothing down here," Jack said. "Just a dead end."

"Then they must've gone this way. Come on."

They turned left and followed the alleyway down, past mounds of garbage and overflowing commercial wheelie bins that forced them to tread cautiously or risk slipping on the rubbish. The Doctor felt himself growing more and more concerned. There was no sign of Rose anywhere. Had this Jimmy Stone bloke kidnapped her? Shoved her into a car or a van or something and taken off? He had no way to track her; there was no way she could have fitted her phone into that skin-tight getup she'd had on. Stupid, stupid, stupid, he berated himself.

"Get off me!"

Rose's voice. He was running before the sentence was finished, Jack right on his heels. Down the alley a little farther and there they were, hidden in the shadows of a recessed delivery access. A tall, muscular, blond bloke had Rose pinned against the door, one hand over her mouth and his body pressed tightly against hers. His other hand held both of hers pinned above her head, and he was growling at her. "Shut it, Rosie," he said in a rough voice. "Ain't no one comin'. It's jus' you an' me again, jus' like the old days."

The Doctor grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him away from Rose. His Gallifreyan strength caught Jimmy by surprise; he stared, shocked, at the furious Time Lord before him. "Wrong," the Doctor grunted, and swung from the hip. His fist connected, and the blond went down in a limp heap.

"God damn it, Doc," Jack said. "You promised me a go."

The Doctor shook his fist–that had hurt–and turned to see that Jack had Rose in his arms and was checking to be sure she was all right. He knew damn good and well that Jack would tell him if anything was wrong, but he still had to come over to her and take her face in his hands and ask her himself. "You all right?"

"'M fine," she said, a bit shakily. "A bit pissed off at myself for being so stupid, though. Should've never left the club with him." She closed her eyes briefly, then opened them again and pulled both of them to her fiercely.

He and Jack wrapped their arms around her, holding on tight as she clung to them. The Doctor leaned his head against hers, breathing in the scent of her shampoo and thinking, Too close, too close, another few minutes and we'd have been too late to stop him–

Finally, Rose took a deep breath and loosened her hold on them. Reluctantly, the Doctor pulled away as well, and so did Jack, but only to arm's length. "I'm sorry," she said.

"Nothing to apologise for, sweetheart," Jack said gently. "You know we'll always come for you."

"Yeah, but after what I said in the TARDIS–and then purposely trying to get you two all hot and bothered–and then I go and do something stupid like this–"

"Not your brightest move, that's true," the Doctor said. Jack shot him a look that said louder than words, shut up, can't you see she's upset? He ignored it and went on, "Why did you?"

Rose sighed and rubbed her forehead. "I meant to just go to the edge of the dance floor. I didn't realise he was so strong; he didn't use to be. He grabbed my arm and hauled me through the door before I could get over my surprise enough to give a really good scream. Not sure anyone would've heard me if I had," she added ruefully. "Should've gone to the other side of the floor where you were, but I was angry and not thinking straight."

"Angry about what?" the Doctor asked. Jack looked like he still wasn't sure where this was going, but he'd subsided, watching them, though he'd tugged Rose close to him again and let her lean back against his broad chest.

"Keisha said he's trolling round the school again," Rose said. "Looking for someone else he can dupe the way he duped me–convince 'em to leave school after GCSEs, then get them to be his personal servant and sex toy until they either wise up or he dumps them. I couldn't let that happen to someone else, so I pulled him aside to threaten him, get him to stop."

"Threaten him with what?" Jack asked.

She craned her neck around and looked up. "My two big, strong blokes who'll cut off his balls and feed them to him without sauce if he even thinks about it."

"Aw, you coulda let us in on that," Jack protested. "It woulda been fun to see his eyes get big and stay that way, instead of getting big and then sort of rolling up in his head."

Rose blinked, then, almost unwillingly, began to chuckle. A soft chuckle at first, but it grew louder and stronger, until she was laughing outright and leaning against Jack, not because she felt like a victim (and a stupid one at that, who'd put herself into danger) but because she was laughing too hard to stand up straight. Jack was laughing as well. And so was the Doctor, laughing with sheer relief.

Finally she recovered herself, wiping tears of laughter away. "Oh," she said, taking a deep breath. "Good job I wore waterproof mascara tonight." She looked up at each of them, then unwrapped her arms from around their waists and carefully took Jack's face between her hands, kissing him thoroughly before turning to the Doctor and giving him the same treatment. "Thank you," she said softly.

"You're welcome." The Doctor smile gently at her, then turned to look at Jimmy Stone, who was just beginning to stir. "What should we do with him?" he asked her.

"Jus' follow my lead." Extricating herself from their embrace, she walked over to her ex-boyfriend and knelt down next to him. "Jimmy," she said, shaking him gently. "Hey. Jimmy."

Jimmy groaned and opened his eyes, blinking in the light of the street lamp above him. "Wh-what?"

"'S me. Rose. An' I've got a message for you." She stood up and held out her hands, and the Doctor and Jack came up to either side of her. "These are my boyfriends. They know all about you, what you did to me and everything that's happened since. An' they know about these new girls you got on the string, too. You go tryin' anything with anyone still in school, and these two blokes will be after you so fast you'll wish it was just the coppers comin' round."

Jack smiled down at him ferally. The Doctor just stared, giving Jimmy a taste of the Oncoming Storm. Jimmy swallowed.

"An' don't think we won't find out," Rose warned. "We will. We got contacts. Anywhere, any time, we'll be there, don't think we won't. An' if we have to show up once, they'll make sure you're no longer equipped for there to be a second time."

Jimmy sat up carefully, shifting backward away from them. "Who are you?" he asked, looking back and forth between Jack and the Doctor.

The Doctor put an arm possessively around Rose, and so did Jack. "We're hers," he said shortly. Jimmy swallowed again, and the Doctor looked at his lovers. "Let's go home," he said.


They're mine, Rose echoed in her thoughts, and beamed. Yes, they were; and she was theirs.

Turning around, the three of them set off down the alley, back toward the club. "We'd better get Mum before we go back to the TARDIS," Rose said. "She'll do her nut if she's left behind, and with reason."

"She'll do her nut if we don't show her you're all right," Jack said. He flashed a lethal grin at her. "But home after that, right? I've still got to find out whether you've got kickers on or not."

Rose glanced round–Jimmy had got up and was making his slow, painful way down the alley in the opposite direction, and there was no one else in view. She raised her eyebrows. "What if I don't want to wait?" she purred, and grabbed a handful of each man's shirt, dragging them to the side of the alley and into another darkened doorway. They followed willingly, and soon she was sandwiched between them, Jack in front of her and ravaging her mouth while the Doctor pressed against her from behind, his lips busy with her neck and shoulder. Hands–she wasn't sure whose, possibly the Doctor's–slipped beneath the waistband of her shorts and began working them down over her hips, while another pair cupped her breasts through her shirt, thumbing and pinching her nipples in the way that drove her wildest.

She fumbled with Jack's belt, getting it unbuckled and then unfastening his trousers so she could reach in and wrap her hand round his already-hard cock. He groaned into her mouth, and the hands left her breasts to reach around her and do the same thing to the Doctor's trousers just as her shorts slid down her legs and over the boots, pooling at her feet.

"I thought so," the Doctor murmured naughtily in her ear as his big hands caressed her bare skin. "There was no way you could've worn knickers under those without them being noticeable." He pressed against her bum and she groaned; his trousers had been shifted so that his cock was free and hard against her. Jack's too, and she wanted them. She wanted them now.

The Doctor's hands closed around her hips, and then he was lifting her, and Jack was wrapping her legs around his hips and sliding into her, and oh God, yes, that was what she wanted, hard and thick and inside her, filling her, oh yes…. Jack's hands slid under her bum, supporting her weight as he thrust up into her, and she whimpered as the Doctor pressed against her again from behind. "Lean against me," the Doctor murmured into her ear. "That's right, lean back into me…" His hand slid down between her thighs, pressing just above where she was joined to Jack, and Rose let out a cry as the sting of pleasure shocked violently through her.

"That's right, love," the Doctor whispered. "Let us make you come. Come for us, Rose."

She rested her head against his shoulder and gave herself up to the sensations they were creating in her. Part of her was trying to be quiet, knowing that they were outside, in the open, visible to anyone passing by, but part of her just didn't care–these were her blokes, hers, and oh God, they were so good at that….

She shattered, whimpering, and the Doctor turned his head, kissing her and swallowing her cries. Jack's thrusts were becoming increasingly erratic, and at last he pressed deep into her and shuddered, and she felt him swell and flare within her as he climaxed. The Doctor released her mouth and she shifted forward, wrapping her arms around Jack in a tight embrace as he panted against her shoulder, and the Doctor's arms slid around both of them.

They remained locked in that embrace for a moment, until Jack blew out a deep breath and lifted her away, withdrawing from her as the Doctor's arms loosened as well. She unwrapped her legs from Jack's waist and reluctantly took her own weight again. The Doctor stroked her from her shoulders down over her arms, and she turned to face him. "Your turn," she said cheekily, and dropped to her knees.

"Wha–" he began, but it turned into a deep groan as she ran her tongue up the underside of his cock. The concrete was cold and hard against her knees, but she ignored it in favour of the wonderful sounds her lover was making.

A familiar figure knelt beside her and she pulled away to look at him. "Room for one more?" Jack asked.

"Oh, always." They grinned at each other and bent forward simultaneously, their mouths and tongues busily mapping every square centimetre of flesh.

The Doctor whimpered and slid a hand into Rose's hair as he leaned sideways against the door, as though his knees wouldn't hold him up properly. Glancing over, she saw that the Doctor's other hand was in Jack's hair, not clutching either of them, just resting there as though he couldn't bear not to be touching them. His muscles were taut, and when she looked up, his eyes bored into hers with the most intense lust and love and desire she'd ever seen. It went straight to her groin, and she moaned involuntarily.

It wasn't long before the two of them had the Doctor gasping for air and begging for more. Jack caught Rose's eye and raised an eyebrow inquiringly. She nodded and backed off, letting him do what he loved so much. Jack slid his mouth down the Doctor's cock as far as it would go, and Rose saw his cheeks hollow as he sucked, drawing away excruciatingly slowly. The Doctor yelped, and then he was coming, shivering with the force of his orgasm. Rose watched avidly, as aroused as always by the sight of the two of them together.

When Jack relased him, the Doctor tugged the two of them up and wordlessly pulled them into a three-way hug. Rose wrapped her arms around her lovers' waists and held on tight, feeling overwhelmed with the love and comfort they offered her. How could she ever let them go?

But at last, she said reluctantly, "Mum's probably going mental waiting for us."

"Yeah," Jack agreed, and the three of them pulled apart slowly. Rose climbed back into her shorts as the men refastened their trousers, and they set off for the club again.

Keisha and her mum were just as worried as she'd been afraid they'd be, and she spent a good fifteen minutes convincing both of them that she was all right, that nothing had happened, and that Jack and the Doctor had sorted Jimmy. "But we're gonna go on back to, er, the hotel where our rooms are," Rose concluded, glancing at Keisha. "I'm knackered. Guess I've lost the knack of clubbing all night."

"Me too," her mum agreed. "Tell ya what, Keisha and I will go back together in a few minutes' time. You three go on. You'll come by for breakfast in the morning, yeah?"

"'Course we will," Rose said bracingly, reasonably certain that the Doctor would let her stay for it and might not even put up much fuss. "But you sure you don't want to walk back with us?"

"Yeah, you go on. See you in the morning."

Rose kissed her mum's cheek and hugged her, and so did Jack, and then they were heading out of the club and back to the TARDIS. Back home. But Keisha caught them up as they were leaving and pulled Rose aside. "So," Keisha said, grinning. "You and them, huh?"

"What do you mean?" Rose asked levelly, managing not to blush.

"Them!" Keisha repeated, nodding toward the Doctor and Jack, who were waiting (almost patiently) for her to join them at the door. "Two blokes! How do you do it? 'Course, the one's a bit old for me," she said judiciously as though Rose were much more than six months older than she, "but the young one–he's one I wouldn't say no to. Bloody lucky, you are."

"Nothing's going on," Rose insisted. "We travel together, that's all."

"Oh really?" Keisha pierced her with a Look. "Then why're your knees all scraped up, hm? And them with their cat-in-the-cream grins."

Rose opened her mouth, then shut it again. She was blushing this time, she knew it.

"So, off you go then," Keisha said. "Good to see you again, mate. Don't be a stranger, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Rose said, with an embarrassed laugh, and hugged her. "And a hug for your gorgeous brother, too," she whispered in her friend's ear.

"I'll tell him you said so." They pulled away, and Keisha headed back into the club proper, waving. "Bye!"

Rose waved, then shook her head, chuckling as she joined Jack and the Doctor. "What was all that about?" the Doctor asked.

"Nothin'," Rose said, not really willing to tell him that Keisha'd noticed her skinned knees, because oh my God, what if her mother had as well? "Just girl stuff." She took both of their hands. "Come on," she said. "Let's go home."