Glorious Gallifrey

by WhoGirl [Reviews - 4]

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  • Hurt/Comfort

Author's Notes:
A bit of a description of Gallifrey and a brief mentioning of Rose. I know she's gone but I can't help writing stories about her and the Dr all the time. Am I normal???

(Martha and the Doctor have just sat down and the Doctor is beginning to describe.)

"Gallifrey is beautiful Martha. I wish I could take you there..." he trailed off.
"Why don't you then? It's not like it's impossible!" she replied.
The Doctor looked her in the eyes.
"Martha, I lied to you. I wanted to impress you... but now I feel stupid.."
"Lied to me how?" Martha asked.
"Gallifrey was destroyed. Ages ago now."
The Doctor breathed heavily reflecting on those awful memories. So many people he loved just dying.
"There was a Time War between a race called the Daleks and mine. We lost and now, I'm the last of my kind."
"Doctor..." Martha began.
"You should see that place. The hills never stop and they gleam in the morning sunlight. The red grass is full of amazing wildlife you would never see anywhere else. The sky blazes and the water in the rivers shimmers in the light. It almost sparkles too." He smiled. "I used to go down there with my brother all the time. We used to through stones across the river and watch them glide..." He looked at the ground, his eyes stinging. His voice trembled. "After that we'd go inside and mother would cook us one of her famous pies. They were gorgeous. Never tasted anything like it before." He stopped and swallowed hard. Bringing up all these memories was a tough thing to do. He was never usually this open with humans. "But now they're all gone. My planet. My family. My friends.. everything. Even recently I lost something precious to those Daleks." A tear was now running down his cheek. "Every single time they survive and I lose something." He fiercely wiped his cheek.
"Who did you lose?" Martha asked, concerned.
The Doctor looked up from the floor to Martha.
"Rose." he said. That one word said it all.
" I know she meant a lot to you..." Martha began.
"She did..." The Doctor began. "She made me feel like there was always someone there for me. She ended my loneliness. She was the one I loved..."
There was silence between them and Martha stared at the Doctor's puffy red eyes.
"I'm so sorry to hear about all that. I'd like you to think that I'm always there for you. I obviously won't replace Rose but I'll try my best to... to... make you happy."
The Doctor looked up and smiled.
That's so kind, he thought, maybe I have picked the right companion after all.
"Thankyou." He got up and put his chair back. "Come on, lets go." He said like nothing had happened. This sometimes frustrated Martha but she sighed and realised that what the Doctor had just said was the most she was ever going to get out of him.
He began to walk off but Martha grabbed his arm.
"You OK?" she asked.
He paused and said, "I am now." He smiled and started to run pulling Martha towards the TARDIS."How do you fancy a trip to Manhatten?" He asked.
"I'd love it! Does that mean I am your full-time companion now?" Martha asked.
"I thought you were ages ago!" The Doctor said grinning.
"Doctor!" Martha said and jokingly hit him on the arm.
They stepped into the ship and flew off for more adventures, the Doctor now left with a dilemma but a weight off of his mind.
The End